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Account Security Settings

Your account's security settings contain essential data and information. In this guide, we will explain what are they, and how you can manage them. To access the security settings, log in to your Account Manager, click My Profile on the sidebar, and then click the Security tab in MY DETAILS.

Table of Contents

  1. Email Address
  2. Username
  3. Password
  4. Call-in PIN
  5. Two-Step Verification
  6. Social Logins

Email Address

One of the essential pieces of information you can find in your Crazy Domains account settings is the email address on file. You can use this to verify account ownership and retrieve your username and password. Learn how you can update the email address of your account.


Your account username is another essential part of your security settings. Use it to log in or reset a lost password. You can change your username anytime as long as you know your account password.


Your password — with your username — is the key to accessing your Crazy Domains account. Changing it regularly will help increase your account security. Learn more about how you can manage your account password and retrieve your account access whenever a password reset doesn't work.

Call-in PIN

Use your Call-in PIN to verify your account ownership. When you contact Crazy Domains, we may ask for your Call-in PIN when necessary. So, always have this information handy before you make a call. Know where you can find and update your Call-in PIN.

Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification is an optional but highly recommended security feature. When you enable the two-step verification, the system will require you to enter the security code sent to your mobile every time you log in to the Account Manager. Thus, increasing your account protection.

Social Logins

Social login is a logical and secure way of accessing your Crazy Domains account. This is done by linking your Crazy Domains account to your Facebook or Google logins. Once connected, you'll be able to access your Crazy Domains account with the social login you set up.

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