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Change Account Email Address

This guide will explain how you can update your account's email address and what you can do if you've lost your account access.

The primary email address of your Crazy Domains account — also known as email-on-file — is significant. It can serve as a unique identifier to verify you as the account owner. We also send reminders and notifications here. So, keeping it updated is essential.

How To Update Your Account Email Address

To update the email address of your account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. On the left sidebar of your Account Manager, click My Profile.
  3. On the MY DETAILS tab, click SECURITY.
  4. In the Login Info section, enter your new email address in the Email textbox.
  5. In the Current Password textbox, enter your current password, and then click SAVE.

What if You Can’t Access Your Account

Do you want to recover your account through a password reset, but you also don't have access to your account's email address — which is also needed to recover the password? Don't worry. We will help you recover your account through our Assisted Account Access Recovery. We created this process to help you recover your account or domain when any of the following happens:

  • You can't recover or reset your account password because you've lost your access to the primary email address of your account.
  • You need to access your domain name (registered under your name or business) from someone else's account that you don't have access.
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