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Getting Help from Crazy Domains

To provide efficient and customized help to our customers, Crazy Domains offers various kinds of support channels.

We provide online documentation for our products and services. However, if you can't get answers from our Online Support, or if you want a real-time answer or solution to your Crazy Domains' product-related questions and concerns, our helpful and friendly Customer Care Specialists are available 24/7 to assist you.

Table of Contents

  1. Crazy Domains Support Channels
  2. Support Limitations
  3. Advanced Support
  4. Customer Support Protocol

Crazy Domains Support Channels

Here are the support channels that we offer:

Phone Support

Get real-time support from our Customer Care Specialists via phone call. Browse through our different phone numbers on our Contact Us page, and switch between different available countries to see the local contact numbers.

Live Chat Support

If you need a quicker support (especially if you require referencing to or sharing website links, images, and code) we recommend using our live chat support channel. Our live chat support channel is available on any Crazy Domains website's pages. Just click the Start Chat Now! button on the right side of the screen.


For non-immediate concerns or questions, you can contact us through email: Crazy. Though our email support is not real-time, we will do our best to reply as soon as possible.

Remote Support

For customers with an active email hosting service, we may offer a remote support session, particularly for email setup if we see it deemed fit for the situation.

Support Limitations

We always go the extra mile when helping our customers. But we might not be able to help you with things that are beyond our scope like the following:

  • Questions or concerns not related to Crazy Domains.
  • Editing or writing your website script.
  • Migrating to your website from another hosting provider (our Customer Care Specialist won't be able to do this for you, but you can use our Hosting Transfer service).
  • Designing your website (we can offer our Web Design service if you want our professional web designers and developers to make your website.
  • Restoring a website (if you've accidentally deleted your files or website, including your backup files, you can use our Advanced Support to retrieve them).

Advanced Support

If you require additional Crazy Domains-related services outside our Customer Care Specialist's scope, you can use our Advanced Support service.

Advanced Support offers you even more advanced technical solutions through direct contact with senior-level administrators, developers, engineers, and agents.

Customer Support Protocol

When contacting our Customer Support channels, you will be interacting with real people. We hope that you will stay cooperative, positive, and polite. Please avoid using any abusive language.

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