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How Many Domains Can I Register

There is no restriction with the number of Domain Names you can register. General Domain Registration transactions allow more than one Domain to be assigned to a single entity — hence, there is no limit on the number of Domain Names that you, your organisation or company can buy.

In fact, it is common that many customers register multiple Domain Names to protect their brand name. By registering multiple Domain Names, you are ensured that others can’t register those Domain Names anymore, and misuse or bottom feed from your brand.

Now that it is clear that you can register as many Domain Names as you wish, you may ask: Why would you ever need more than one Domain for your web presence?

Given the fact that millions of Domain Names are already registered on the internet, the range of available Domains for you is getting lesser. This means that purchasing ahead the Domain Names you find relevant to your web presence is a valuable investment for your brand or business.

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