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How to Add Contacts in Email Marketing

Our Email Marketing tool allows you to add a new contact manually, import contacts in bulk, and assign contacts to a mailing list. You’ll learn to do all these in this article.

Step 1. Access your Email Marketing Dashboard.

Step 2. You have two ways to add contacts in the Email Marketing tool:

  1. Via the dashboard page;

    add contacts in email marketing

  2. Or via the Contacts tab.

    add contacts dashboard in email marketing

Step 3. In the Add a New Contact window, enter the information to the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Valid Email Address



Step 4. Assign the new contact to a mailing list, make sure to create an emailing list if you happen to don’t have one yet.


Step 5. Click the Add and Close button to save the new contact in your account. Or if you wish to add more, click Save and Add Another.

Import Contacts in Email Marketing

Efficiency is the key here. To save you time and trouble when adding contacts to your email marketing tool, quickly upload your contacts in bulk. Follow the guide below:

Step 1. Access your Add a contact page, click on the Import Contacts tab.


Step 2. From your computer, drag-and-drop the file, or click the link browse to upload.



Step 3. Click Preview & Configure.

Step 4. In the Preview & Configure window, you can review the information and columns are properly mapped in the uploaded file.


Step 5. Click the Assign to Mailing List button.

Step 6. Then click Import Contacts.

Now you can use these new added contacts to enlist them to receive email from you. Depending on your message, a newsletter, promotion of a new product, discounts, or drive traffic to a blog.

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