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How To Combine Account Credit With Another Payment Method During Checkout

With the Crazy Domains new Combine With Credits feature, you can now use your existing account credit even if it's less than the payable amount. All you need to do is combine it with another payment method available. For example, if your payable amount is $100 and your account credit balance is only $10, you can use your remaining account credit (part or full) and pay the remaining amount using your credit card.

To use the Combine With Credits feature, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Add the product or service that you want to purchase to your cart.
  3. Go to cart and click PAY SECURELY.
  4. Add or remove the recommended product addons, then click CONTINUE.
  5. On the My Payment section, review the items in your order and scroll down to the payment option.
  6. On the Combine With Credits section, enter the amount of account credit that you want to use, or click Max to use all your account credit balance.

    Note: The account credit amount that you enter will be deducted from your total payable amount. The remaining payable amount will be charged to the other payment method you have selected.

  7. Once done, click Pay & Activate to complete the payment.

Help! I can't see the Combine With Credits option.

You can't see the Combine With Credits option in any of the following scenarios:

  • Your account credit balance is zero.
  • Your account credit balance is equal to or higher than the payable amount, and the Account Credit payment option is selected.

If you wish to only pay a portion of your account credit balance, and pay the remaining amount with other payment method, select a different payment method (credit card, PayPal, or Zip) to see the Combine With Credits option.

IMPORTANT: The combined payment method is not applicable for Auto Renewal.

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