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How To Download Files From the Cloud Storage

Before downloading files, you need to have backups of your computer or device first. Below is a shortlist of how you can create a backup using Cloud Backup:

  1. Access the Cloud Backup Console through your Account Manager.
  2. Download the appropriate Cloud Backup Agent.
  3. Install the Cloud Backup Agent.
  4. Create your backup through the Cloud Backup Console.

Once you’ve set up your backups in Cloud Backup, your files are safe and data can be downloaded easily when needed.


Downloading Files From the Cloud Storage

Follow the guide below to download files from the Cloud Storage using your Cloud Backup Console:

  1. Access the Cloud Backup Console.
  2. Click Devices on the left menu bar to open the list of all computers/devices connected to the Cloud Backup.
  3. Select the machine that originally contained the data that you want to download, then click Recovery on the right menu bar.
  4. Click on the More ways to recover link on the Backup location section, then click on the DOWNLOAD FILES button.
  5. Enter the Login username and Password of the account to which the backed up machine is assigned, then click LOG IN.
  6. Browse to the required folder or use search to obtain the list of the required files and folders.
    • When browsing disk-level backups - Under Versions, click the backup from which you want to recover the files.

    • When browsing file-level backups - Under the Gear icon located to the right of the selected files, select the backup date and time.

      By default, files are recovered from the latest backup.
  7. Select the items you need to recover, then click the Gear icon to the right of the selected file and click Download.
    If you select a single file, it will be downloaded as is. Otherwise, the selected data will be archived into a .zip file.
  8. Select the location to save the data to, and then click Save.


Congratulations! You just downloaded files from your Cloud storage.


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