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How to Edit Email Campaign Design

Email Editor is an option in your Email Marketing tool that gives you control to edit necessary information like text, images, blocks, links, etc., that is in your email campaign draft or template.

How to Access to Email Editor Tool

Step 1. Access your Email Marketing dashboard.

Step 2. On your dashboard page, select the Email Campaign draft you want to edit. Click the ellipses ellipses button to see more option in email marketing editor tool button, then click the Edit Design option.

From this point, you can access the full email editor tool in editing your email campaign. Here you can:

  • Edit Content
  • Edit Blocks
  • Edit Body
  • Edit Images
  • Upload Images

Edit Content

In this section, you’ll learn how to edit the contents in your email campaign. Let’s start.

In your email campaign draft, click on the block, image, or text that you want to edit to see the editor tool side panel. Say, for example, you want to edit the text in your banner. Simply click on the text, and apply the changes you want by using the in-line editor.

in-line editor email marketing

And more text format settings on the right-hand side panel of the window.

text editor email marketing

Edit Blocks

Blocks are sections on your webpage. Your web content goes within blocks. You can add blocks for pictures, banners, text, etc., to your existing email campaign.

To edit blocks, access your email editor tool and click on the Blocks tab on the right-hand side panel.

To add a block, simply drag the chosen block layout to your email campaign.

edit blocks in email marketing

And start adding content by clicking Add Content button.

add content to specific block in editor tool with email marketing

Go to the right-hand side panel for more functionalities on adding content, editing the block in the draft page.

right-side pane to edit content to a block in email marketing editor tool

Edit Body

If the Block is where your content goes to, the Body holds all the blocks and contents in your webpage. It is the canvas of your whole website.

In editing your website’s Body format, you can change the background colour of your whole site, text format, content width, alignment, etc.

Access your Email Editor tool, click on the Body tab at the right-hand side panel.

edit body in email marketing editor tool

And choose the settings you want to change in this column:

edit content body in email marketing editor tool


Edit Images

You can change images in your email campaign depending on the theme of your email campaign. This can help you set the tone of your message for your audience.

You can change it by using the stock images on the web! It’s free and is set up to high resolution so you don’t need to worry about the quality.

Go to your email editor tool, click on the Images tab.

edit content images in email marketing editor tool

Enter a keyword in the search box to look up related images for your email campaign.

search keyword for content images in email marketing editor tool

Next, drag the selected image and insert it into a section of your email campaign draft. Or if you want to use your own image, you can by uploading it to the editor tool.

Upload Images

If you want images from your resources, and aim to be original to all of the images you use in your email campaign, upload them directly to your email editor.

Go to your Email Editor tool and click on the Uploads tab.

upload images to email template in email marketing editor tool

Click on this box to select the photo you wish to upload from your computer. Or simply drag the photo to be uploaded.

upload images option to email template in email marketing editor tool

Once uploaded it will be automatically added and seen in your gallery. Drag the uploaded image to your email campaign draft.

You can access and use the uploaded images in all other email campaign templates you have in your Email Marketing dashboard.

Delete a Content in Email Editor

Delete option gives you an option to remove content or text that is in your draft, that is not useful or not relevant to the message of your email campaign.

Deleting an item in your email campaign draft is easy. Go to your email editor tool and select the Block of content or text in your draft and click the Delete icon as shown in the picture below:

delete content block on an email template in email marketing editor tool

For Intermediate & Advanced Users

If you’re familiar with coding and wants a more dynamic utilization of the editor tool, you can opt to use the HTML editor to manipulate the format of each content block for your email campaign draft.

HTML editor for intermediate and avanced users with email marketing editor tool

After making the changes, don’t forget to save it and send your email campaign. You can also set up to schedule your email campaign to be sent at a later date.


Our email editor tool encourages both advanced users and beginners to easily customise and update content in your email campaign design draft. Editing your content helps you match the theme and message of your email campaign for your targeted audience. It’s easy to understand and gives you more control of what content goes into your email campaign.

For questions or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our technical support team.

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