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How To Update Site Settings in Website Builder

Before creating your new site you need to make sure all your business/personal information is correct. This information is used for the general site settings of your site and will be associated with all your site pages.

Follow the simple instructions below to set up and understand your site settings:

  1. Click Sign Up / Log In at the top of this page.
  2. Select Website Builder from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your username and password and click Log In.
  4. On the left menu click Settings.
  5. Click on General Settings from the left tab and complete the following information.
    Website Address

    This field you should see your domain name, if you have a trial account you will have a temporary address, this can be updated later after purchase.

    Website Title

    The website title is the name of your site, it will appear in the browser tab when viewing your site. Enter a Title for your new site.

    Include in Meta Title

    Each page has its own Website Title, however we recommend keeping this ticked, it will be used with the current page title of each page, so Jacks Tyres title on the contact page will be Jacks Tyres Contact Us.

    Tagline 1 / 2

    The tag line is a brief description of your site, which will appear in search engines. Keep this short and direct. For my site Jacks Tyres I will have tag line Jacks Tyres - we fully service, fix and repair your tyres.


    This is the icon that appears in your browser, look above at the browser you will see a logo. You can create and upload any icon. For now we will leave this blank.

    Date Style

    Every country has different date displays, set the date style that suits you best. This is used anywhere on your site where displaying dates.

    Time Zone

    Select the time zone for your site, this again will be used on your site for information displaying or receiving.

    Head Code & Footer Code

    This is an advanced option to add additional HTML code to your site for better SEO, for now we will leave this blank.

    Site Under Construction

    If you want to display your site as Under Construction tick this box, your site will be displayed as under construction. You will still be able to edit and preview your site.

    Enable Site Search

    If you plan have a big site and want visitors to search your site enable this feature, we recommend leaving this unticked, many sites don’t require this.

  6. Click on the left tab Languages and complete the following information.
    Site Languages

    You can add additional language options to your site, be default English is set. Additional languages will require an upgrade. Currently not supported.

    Editor Language

    This is the language setting for the site builder editor, do not change unless you understand another language. The default has been set to English GB.

  7. Click on the left tab Contact Info. Make sure your business information is registered correctly. This information is used in various parts of your site and will allow your clients to communicate with you easily.
  8. Click on the left tab Google Analytics. Here you can Add your Google Analytics Tracking ID in the appropriate field. To setup a Google Analytics account, visit Google's Get Started With Google Analytics help site.
  9. Click Submit to save and apply all updates.

You have now setup your site ready for building! See the Website Builder getting started guide.

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