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Introduction to Templates in Email Marketing

Email template is your starting point when creating an email campaign. But first, what is an email template? Is it just a space you use to put your content, images, or links for your email campaign? In this article, we’ll have an in-depth understanding about what is an email template, how template works for your email marketing, the benefits of using it, and how to access templates in our email marketing tool.

What Is Email Template

To put it simply, Email marketing template gives marketers a framework to start from. An email template is an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) file that is composed of reusable code, thus making it easy for users to copy, paste, add content, links, and images when creating an email campaign. Email templates also allow options for personalisation of color, font styles that are usually in a drag-and-drop features in an email builder – just like in our Email Marketing tool. You can also easily add in or delete items from your email template.

Here’s a breakdown of what is an email template:

  • An email template is an HTML file. The HTML defines the structure of your email campaign and the contents in it.
  • Your email template being an HTML file, allows you to add images, including CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). The CSS brings the style and formatting to your email campaign, like font style, font color, background, etc.
  • Email template is reusable across multiple campaigns.

Why Use Email Template

We have listed below what you can benefit from using email templates in your email marketing tool for your business or organisation.

Benefits of using templates

  • Efficiency – It will give you the gift of time. Helping you produce campaigns faster and be efficient, since the code is already written.

    Instead of creating the email campaign from scratch, you can use the drag-and-drop functionality of the tool and add, copy images or link in your email campaign. It reduces the effort of manually creating the email campaign. So, you can focus more on the important things elements like creating quality email content or message to help you engage better with your target audience.

  • Consistency – Using email templates in your campaign can help protect your brand’s reputation by keeping all of your email campaigns on-brand and error-free.

    Moreover, the convenience to reuse templates than having to rewrite the code from scratch. This prevents you from errors in codes leading to broken links in your email campaign and resulting to a bad experience for your audience – which you need to avoid.

    You can minimise mistakes before handoff to your audience by using the preview feature and sending out test emails in our email marketing tool. These features ensure that the email works properly and detects ahead if any content tweaks affect your email's deliverability or inbox placement.

What Are the Types of Email Templates

Our Email Marketing tool offers you two types of templates in helping you build your email campaign: the Standard Email Templates and the Premium Email Templates.

You can choose which option resonates to your business goals and styles in mind, and at the same time have the freedom to code your own template from scratch.

  • Standard Email Templates

    Standard Email Templates are free and pre-made templates that you can choose from upon creating your email campaign. The designs in these email templates are already pre-defined so all you have to do is to simply drag and drop the items like adding a text, image, or link in to the email template.

  • Premium Email Templates

    Premium Email Templates are paid email templates. This is for users who want to hire a professional designer and work on the customisation and personalised designs of their email templates.

How to Access Email Templates

Access your email templates by following the steps below.

  1. Access your Email Marketing dashboard.
  2. Click on the Templates tab.

On the templates tab page, it displays the complete list of your templates that you’ve created on your account. Here you have the option to create a campaign, preview, edit or delete a template.

How to Create Templates

Before creating an email campaign, you need to start first on the structure of your email campaign by choosing a template.

Step 1. In creating your email campaign, the first step is to design your email campaign. Choose the template option and click Start Designing.


Step 2. Choose from the list of pre-made templates you want to use for your campaign.


Step 3. If you’re satisfied with the template design that fits your email campaign, click the Select & Edit button. Or, click Back to Summary to browse for more email templates.


How to Edit Templates

Once you’ve already created an email campaign, you have the option to edit the design and add or delete items from your email campaign. Follow the instructions on the linked guide below to learn more:


Marketers have to be on top of everything when pushing for the email marketing strategy in promoting your business to your audience and future clients. That’s why choosing an effective and efficient tool like Crazy Domains email marketing tool can help you deliver good quality template designs for your email campaigns without the hassle of dealing with complicated stuff in creating them.

Remember that templates are one of the key tools used by successful email marketers to stay agile and scale their marketing efforts.

For questions or assistance about Email Marketing tool, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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