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Mounting Volumes From a Backup in Cloud Backup

When disk-level backups are mounted into volumes, you can access the volumes as though accessing physical disks. The volumes are mounted by the program in read-only mode.

Below is a list of requirements needed for mounting volumes:

  • This function is available only by using File Explorer in Windows.
  • Agent for Windows must be installed on the machine where the mount operation is to be performed.
  • The Windows version that the machine is running must support the backed-up file system.
  • The backups must be stored in a local folder, on a network share (SMB/CIFS), or in the Secure Zone.

Mounting Volumes

Here’s how to mount a volume from a backup:

  1. Open File Explorer and browse to your backup’s location.
  2. Double-click the backup file, with the file name based on the following template:
    <machine name> - <backup plan GUID>
  3. If the backup file is encrypted, enter the encryption password. Otherwise, skip this step.
    File Explorer will now display the backup’s recovery points.
  4. Double-click the recovery point. File Explorer will now display the backed-up volumes.

    TIP: Double-click a volume to browse its content and copy backed-up files/folders to any folder on the file system.

  5. Right-click a volume to mount then click Mount in read-only mode.
  6. Provide access credentials if the backup is stored on a network share. Otherwise, skip this step.
    The software will now mount the selected volume, assigning the first unused letter to the said volume.

Unmounting Volumes

Here’s how to unmount a volume from a backup:

  1. Open File Explorer and browse to Computer or This PC for Windows 8.1 and later.
  2. Right-click the mounted volume then click Unmount. The software will now unmount the selected volume.
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