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The New Crazy Domains Affiliate Program

Crazy Domains Affiliate Program is migrating its platform to Impact Radius to enhance the affiliate experience and offer more flexibility in creating better offers and promotions for its partners.


The New System

Crazy Domains Affiliate Program has grown over the last several years, and to scale its program, it needs a better platform. Impact Radius provides superior tracking, payout management, better offers, and better reporting, allowing Crazy Domains to enhance the affiliate experience.

Crazy Domains Affiliate Program is moving to a new panel, which means everything, including tracking links and banners, will change. You will receive new credentials to access the Impact Radius panel and create new tracking links and banners.

To use the new platform, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the form provided by Impact Radius to create a new account.
  2. Enter the necessary information needed.
  3. Now, click the Sign Up button.

You will receive an email with new credentials upon approval. Click here to view the complete steps on how to join Crazy Domains Affiliate Program.

You can also watch this tutorial to familiarize yourself with the new Crazy Domains affiliate program on Impact Radius.


New Commissions Rates

We have introduced new and improved commission rates for the program via Impact Radius.

Product Category Products Current Commission Rate New Commission Rate (AUD)
Domains All Domains 10% of Net Revenue 20%
Web Hosting Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, WebSite Builder, Domain, and Hosting Packages 10% of Net Revenue $70
Email Hosting Business Email Hosting 10% of Net Revenue $70
Servers Linux & Windows VPS Servers, Custom Servers, and Dedicated Servers 10% of Net Revenue $140
Design Services Web Design, Logo Design 10% of Net Revenue $140
Online Marketing Services Traffic Booster
Simple SEO
Managed SEO
10% of Net Revenue $70

Minimum commission limit set to AUD 150

You will need to accrue a minimum commission balance of AUD 150 to be eligible for a payout of the commissions.


Pending Commissions

All unpaid commissions will be paid out as Crazy Domains migrates to the new platform. However, you will need to update your PayPal details in order to receive payments. You can withdraw your commissions balance provided all relevant PayPal details are available before the specified date on the notice we sent you. The last date to request a withdrawal will be on July 17th, 2023. Any commissions not withdrawn by the selected date will be converted into credits you can use to renew or purchase new Crazy Domains products or services.


Data From the Old Platform

Crazy Domains Affiliate Program will not transfer data from the old panels to Impact Radius. Your data will be available on the old platform up till July 31st, 2023, we request you to download any data that you might need before July 31st, 2023. For additional information on our privacy policies and data security measures, please visit our privacy center.

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