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Can I Register a Domain Name Without a Website

Having a Domain Name allows you to build your own identity on the internet. Your Domain Name acts as an address for your virtual space that allows visitors to easily access and remember your website, if you have one.

But, registering a Domain Name alone doesn’t necessarily require you to have a website. Many customers only register a Domain Name for brand protection and future use.

Now that it is already established that, YES, you can register a Domain Name without a website, you can refer to the following information to know how you can maximise the use of your registered Domain Name:

  • Create Emails with Your Domain Name
  • After you have registered your Domain Name, you can create a professional Email Address, with or without a Web Hosting service. For example, if you registered, you can then create using an Email Hosting service. Email Hosting is available during the registration process or can be connected within your Account Manager.

  • Forward Your Domain Name
  • You can also forward your Domain Name to another website or server. Using the same example, if you registered you can forward this Domain to This means that anyone who types in their web browser will be redirected to

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