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Do I need Email Hosting?

If you have a regular Web Hosting plan set up with Crazy Domains, then it comes with Email Hosting at no extra charge - check your plan for the details. If not, you will need Email Hosting if you want to use your domain name to set up personal or business email accounts.

For example, if your domain name is, you might want to set up:


Email Hosting is a must for all businesses, as they help create your company image.

Using an email address like is really advertising Gmail, but having your own email address like is advertising you and your brand.

People are nine times more likely to give their business to companies that represent themselves with professional email addresses. It creates a trustworthy impression and shows that you really mean business.

Additionally, if you want to send bulk emails, having a branded address increases delivery rates and open rates. This increase in efficiency is well worth the small effort that it takes to create an email address.

If you aren't sending your business email through a professional address, then you're probably throwing money away. Whether your site is hosted with us or not, there's no excuse to use a free email account any more.

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