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How to Add Account Credit

Account Credit or Member Credit is our internal currency that you use to purchase, renew, or upgrade any of our products and services. This feature saves you time from filling out payment details every time you place an order, as long as you have enough member credits available.

  • Your Account or Member Credit does not expire. You can use it anytime to purchase Crazy Domains products.
  • New accounts have a 5-day member credit restriction — customers cannot add member credit during this period. This applies to all locales and brands.
  • Member credit payment method is only visible if you have enough balance to pay your order. If you don't see the member credit payment option, make sure to top up to use your member credit balance.

Add a Member Credit

Top-up does not come with a transaction fee. We only charge the customer with the exact amount indicated in the invoice. However, the bank provider may charge an international or conversion rate fee.

To add a member credit, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Account Manager.
  2. In the right section of your Account Manager, click the ADD CREDIT button.
  3. When the Add Credit window opens, enter the amount that you want to top up.
  4. Fill in your payment details.
  5. Click PAY & ACTIVATE.
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