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How to Request to Permanently Delete Customer Private Data

All of the Customer Data provided to Crazy Domains are stored and secured with the highest encryption in our database. Reasons for requiring such Data range from account profiling to system security. However, should a customer feel the need to have their Data be permanently deleted from our system, it is certainly possible to do so.

Why We Need Customer Data?

Customer Data is required when creating an account with Crazy Domains, and when purchasing our Products as well. There are several reasons why customer information is needed. Below is a short-list, for your reference:

Account Profile Information

  • For Account/Product Retrieval - In case access/password is lost.
  • For Domain Registration - Account information is automatically used by the system as the Domain's Registrant, Administration, Technical, and Billing contacts.

Payment Information

  • For Product/Service Checkout - Information used for payment, like Credit Card details, is not stored unless manually added by the customer in their Account Manager's Payment Settings section.
  • For Auto-Renewal - If enabled by the customer, the Products and Services will automatically renew using the stored information.

Other Information

  • For Verification Purposes - Some country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) like the .AU and .CN for example, need further data (ABN, a scanned copy of your Passport or any government-issued ID, and other relevant documents) that are required by their respective registries. These are complied for registration approval of such Domains.
  • For Security Purposes - To recognise fraudulent activities and protect the system.

Requesting to Permanently Delete Customer's Private Data

Customer's Private Data is confidential and is only disclosed to the respective owner. If you no longer want Crazy Domains to store any of your information, please send us an email at privacy@crazydomains.com.

After going through a strict verification process, i.e., answering security questions and providing the necessary documents to match ours, and if substantiated to be valid, all the Data we hold about you will be Permanently Deleted from our system.

Important: Permanently Deleting all of the Customer's Private Data is only possible once the account has been Terminated. This means that the customer should no longer have any Products and Services left working in the account. This is in line with the fact that it is not possible for Crazy Domains to offer or maintain Domain or Product Services without the Customer's Private Data.

When Is Crazy Domains Unable to Delete Customer's Private Data?

Unfortunately, we are required by the Australian law to keep key pieces of our Customer Information for at least (2) two years after an account was last active, or since the information came into our possession or control. In order to ensure full compliance with these legal requirements, it is our policy to avoid deleting any Data during that required period of time.

If you are a citizen of a country whose laws contradict this requirement, please include that information when making your request.

It is only possible for a customer to request to automatically Delete their Data by the end of this period — simply contact our customer support so we can process your request immediately.

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