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Online Support SSL Certificates

How Do I Validate SSL Certificate?

To make sure that our SSL Certificates are always valid and trusted, we perform a two-part identification procedure for all applicants.

1. Proof of the Domain Name's Legal Owner

First, we check the WhoIs records, so if you're applying, make sure that these are current and correct. If we didn't check who owns the domain, then anyone could get an SSL Certificate for any site they wanted. Obviously, we want to make sure that only you can get an SSL Certificate for your site - anything else just wouldn't make sense.

2. Company Check

After we make sure that you're the real owner of the domain, we'll need some documentation to show that your company is also real. We have to make sure that nobody tries to make a fraudulent copy of your company's site.

The document needs to include your company's current address. If the address isn't on the document, then we'll need to see a recent utility bill or bank statement that shows your address on it.

Here are some of the documents we might need:

  • Business Registration Certificate
  • TFN (Tax File Number) Certificate
  • Business License or Certificate
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Corporate Charter
  • Corporation Estimated Tax Form
  • Corporation Annual Report
  • Notary Public Identification Card
  • Merchant's Certificate of Registration
  • Public Records Filing for a New Business Entity
  • Occupational Tax Certificate/License
  • Sales & Use Tax Permit
  • Statement of Partnership Agreement

In some cases, we'll need more than one document. We'll be sure to get in touch with you directly if we do to help you get your certificate as soon as possible.

Are My Documents Secure?

In a word, yes. Confidentiality is a very serious part of the way we do business at Crazy Domains. We keep hard copies in a secure cabinet and electronic copies on a secure server. The access to these files is very restricted, meaning they are only seen when it's absolutely necessary.

Download Forms & Samples

If you're getting an EV SSL Certificate, we'll need a bit more information. Download the forms listed below and they will guide you through the process.

  • Certificate Subscriber Agreement

    First you have to accept the Certificate Subscriber Agreement. Download the document and read it carefully.
    Click to download

  • EV Certificate Request

    The request that you need to submit for EV SSL Certificates.
    Click to download

  • Sample Letter to an Accountant

    Use this letter template to write a letter to your accountant when you verify information in your application.
    Click to download

  • Sample Letter for Legal Opinion

    Use this letter template to request confirmation of your information from a Latin Notary.
    Click to download

  • Sample Letter for Government Organization Supplying Legal Opinions

    Government departments should use this legal letter template.
    Click to download

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