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What DNS Records Can I Manage

Domain Name System (DNS) Records are used to control and indicate the location of resources on the internet.

Here at Crazy Domains, we offer two types of DNS hosting servicesStandard DNS and Premium DNS.

The DNS Records that you can control and manage basically depend on the type of DNS hosting you have.

Refer to the lists below.

Standard DNS

Standard DNS is FREE for all registered domain names. Unlike all other providers, we offer FREE DNS for all our customers. Once you regsiter, you will get standard DDoS Protection and take full control of the following records:

Note: For UK users, both Standard and Premium DNS options are granted for all domain registrations without the need to upgrade, as per Registry policies.

Premium DNS

Premium DNS, on the other hand, offers much more than Standard DNS. It gives you a reliable and secure cloud service that utilises multiple locations to ensure your DNS hosting is the fastest possible. Premium DNS also includes advanced DDoS Protection, which means that you will have advanced safeguards against online attacks. In addtion, it allows you to set all types of DNS Records and take complete control over your DNS within your Account Manager.

Premium DNS is recommended for all businesses and customers who seek topnotch security for their website.

For all other locales, this service upgrade can be added to any existing domain name. For UK, as per Registry policies, these features are already included in every account upon registration.

Premium DNS features include:

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