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Online Support Email Exchange

What is Email Exchange?

Email Exchange is a Microsoft business email platform that gives you the power to manage all your:

  • Email mailboxes
  • Tasks
  • Contacts
  • Calendars

In one central location, from any device and shared across all your devices.

Need more than just email, and want all the features, functionality and flexibility of Outlook? Want to seamlessly manage everything across multiple devices, including Desktop, on Mobile and in your web browser?

That’s what Email Exchange, Microsoft’s premium email platform, does for you.

Do I need Email Exchange?

Do you need professional levels of service from your email, and more than just email accounts?

This is the benefit of Email Exchange: you can manage things like permission settings, storage, and creating mailboxes with an easy-to-use, web-based interface.

With Email Exchange, your mailboxes are hosted on dedicated Microsoft Exchange cloud storage network: this means you can access them from anywhere in the world!

You're crazy busy running your business. With instant activation it's crazy easy to get set up with Email Exchange.

Email Exchange gets your business emails up and running in minutes: giving you a head start on your rivals. If you’re running a business, there's no reason to limit yourself with just email hosting.

Don't be left behind. Take control of your business communications with Email Exchange.

What plan is best for me?

We offer several Email Exchange plans to cater for all needs, whether you have a small business or a multinational company, you can choose the right Email Exchange plan for you.

Check out our plans and if you're unsure start at the first plan as we can instantly upgrade your Email Exchange at any time.

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