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When Do I Receive Reports and How

A visual reference of your progress is necessary when optimising a website. This is where SEO Reports come in. It helps you analyse statistics and determine where you need to improve. Either updating your keywords, URL or meta-tags. To help achieve your goal in getting to the top search engine result page.

This article will give you a better understanding of:

What Do you See in Our SEO Reports

We present our SEO Reports in a layout that is easy to understand. Even if you are a beginner to SEO. The information on your SEO Reports will differ on the SEO Tool you have acquired with Crazy Domains.

Your self-managed SEO report will show the following details:

  • Keywords you currently have ranked
  • Keyword rankings for specific positions

If you've opted for our Managed SEO tool, one of the things you can expect from our SEO experts is we deliver clear and concise SEO Reports. Including feedback and insights to help you in reaching your goal - SEO-wise. Reports for Managed SEO includes:

  • Graphical representation of how many ranked keywords
  • Including keyword rankings for specific positions
  • Automated Report

How Do you Receive SEO Reports

The first step for you to receive SEO Reports is to set up a project. If you haven't, then follow the step-by-step instructions on this guide to learn how to set up an SEO project. Once it's established, the next question you need to ask is:

When do you receive your reports?

The answer? It depends on the SEO Tool you have opted with us. Read through the article to learn the difference in the frequency of reports for Simple SEO or Managed SEO. And learn how to receive reports.

Simple SEO

We provide a simple and direct approach to help you analyse your website's presence. Thus, accessing your reports in one place - in your SEO Tool. SEO Reports will populate monthly. You can access your SEO Reports by going to the Results tab on your Online Marketing Hub. Here's how:

  1. Log In to Online Marketing Hub.
  2. Click on the Simple SEO tab, then click Results.

online marketing hub results page

Managed SEO

For Managed SEO, our SEO experts will send your reports via email. And on how frequent you receive your SEO Reports depends on the monthly plan you purchased. You may refer to the table below as a guide on the frequency of reports for Managed SEO.


Frequency of Reports

Bronze, Silver Quarterly
Gold Monthly

You can always choose to modify the frequency of your SEO Reports, by upgrading your current plan.

Aside from analysing reports to improve your site rankings. We also recommend checking health results and status on the actions you've implemented. Learn how to view and manage health check results in this linked guide.

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