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Therese Sarabia Course Instructor

Course Overview 

In the past, building websites seemed like a difficult and time-consuming task. Only those with extensive coding knowledge knew how to create one 

This has changed with website builders. With these platforms, anyone can build a website—and build one fast 

Crazy Domains Website Builder lets you access tools that allow you to build a visually pleasing and fully-functional website. 

Join Therese Sarabiaour Technical Writer, as she gives you an in-depth tour of the platform—whether you’re looking to build a basic website or a complete online store 

Through this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the platform’s design tools, customise existing templates, and activate its online marketing tools.  

Drag-and-drop away and start building your own branded website. 

Learning Objectives  

  • Learn how to choose, customise, and publish a website template.  
  • Adddelete, and fill in pages with ease. 
  • Know how to attach basic webpage elements including text, buttons, links, and icons.  
  • Pick the right fonts and colours for your website 
  • Activate the different online marketing tools, such as Google Analytics, blog, and social share buttons 
  • Build a full-blown online store with the Ecommerce Builder and add productspayment options, and more. 
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