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Working with Web Designers
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Jocelyn Gulbin

Course Instructor


Course Overview

How your website looks says a lot about your business. A professional and well-designed website can instantly capture attention, encourage user-action, and drive conversions. But not everyone has the time nor the skills to create a winning website.

That’s why most business owners turn to web designers. They don’t only bring your dream website to life. They also let you focus more on other core activities of your business.

Make sure to select the right team for your brand.

Join Jocelyn Gublin as she explains what a web designer can do for you, how to hire the right one for your business, and how to work with them effectively.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the complete role of a web designer
  • Know the essential qualities of a reputable web designer
  • Identify the factors that’ll help you decide whether you should hire a freelancer or a web design agency
  • Learn what to include in a creative brief
  • Learn helpful tips on how to work with a web designer
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