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Online Marketing

Your website is just the first step. Grow your traffic and customers with our suite of online marketing solutions.
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Drive Traffic, Reach More Customers

Your customers have gone online – what about your marketing? Find out which marketing solution best fits your business.
Why Market Your Business Online?
Attract a wider
Building a stunning website doesn’t mean you’ll get visitors instantly. You must boost your brand visibility to get more traffic.
Affordable and more
Cheaper than traditional ads, reach your ideal customers at a lower cost. Imagine getting visitors who are ready to buy, because of your SEO keywords.
Keep customers returning
for more
Be at the top of your customers’ minds and keep them returning. Delight them with seasonal promos and valuable email content.
What's Online Marketing Hub?
Online Marketing Hub unifies 3 key marketing tools – and lets you track your website’s marketing progress – all in one platform.
  • Track your marketing progress of multiple websites in one place
  • Seamlessly login and use Traffic Booster, Simple SEO & Business Directory
  • Quickly get things done with our minimalist and user-friendly interface
Your Questions, Our Answers

What is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing, also known as Digital or Internet Marketing, is an umbrella term for advertising and marketing that uses online channels. 

The main objective of online marketing is to reach customers through channels they’re already engaging with. This could be through search engine optimisation, social media, display advertising, Google AdWords, and more.

What Online Marketing tools do you offer? 

As an online solutions provider, we’ll help you realise your online marketing goals with the following platforms: 

What is SEO? What's the difference between Simple SEO and Managed SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to strategies designed to increase your website’s content quality and boost search engine rankings.

Crazy Domains offers two SEO solutions: Simple SEO and Managed SEO.

Simple SEO lets you optimise your website for betting rankings. It scans your website and generates a step-by-step SEO plan for you.

With Managed SEO, a dedicated SEO Expert plans, manages, and implements SEO action plans and strategies on your behalf.

Compare and learn more about the differences between Managed SEO and Simple SEO here.

What is Web Analytics?

Web Analytics lets you collect and measure user engagements across your website pages. The data and insights help you better understand your website visitors and improve the user experience.

Why should I list my business on online directories?

Prospects head to online directories to look for products, services, or suppliers. Business Directory maximizes your visibility on these directories, giving customers an avenue to connect – or visit – your business.

What is Traffic Booster?

Traffic Booster  is an online marketing tool that submits your website to search engines. It uses a 3-step method to optimise your site:

Check: Traffic Booster automatically checks for broken links. This saves you the hassle of manually going through your site.

Report: Generate reports – including site preview, missing meta tags – to optimise your web pages before submitting to search engines.

Submit: Waiting for search engines to manually crawl your site takes time. With Traffic Booster, you automatically submit your site to more than 400 search engines in one click.

Read more on how Traffic Booster works on this linked guide.

How does email marketing benefit my business?

Email is still one of the best ways to market your business online.

Compared to social media, email gives you higher returns – and it’s a more effective for improving customer loyalty.

Crazy Domains’ Email Marketing tool automates your campaigns so you can easily create custom emails, manage contacts, and track campaign results.

Why should I invest on Online Marketing? What are its benefits?

Hits the target. Online marketing lets you target and segment a specific audience. These are individuals who actively search for your products or services online.

Measurable and real-time results. Another benefit of online marketing is it allows you to generate accurate reports. You get to see customer feedbacks, trends, and insights of your campaigns and from here, decide on what’s working and what’s not.

Global. Thanks to the internet, the world has turned into a global village. This gives businesses, from enterprises to start-ups, the opportunity to go global.

Better engagements, customer retention, visibility,Better engagements, customer retention, visibility, and the list goes on. These benefits prove just how online marketing amplifies your business.  

How do I measure Digital Marketing success? 

Nothing matters more to businesses than return of investment (ROI). A good way to measure marketing ROI is to create marketing goals, launch campaigns, and set benchmark numbers. Remember to keep your goals measurable, whether you’re looking to increase engagements or sales.

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