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How To Configure Auto-Reply Messages in Plesk

An Auto-Reply is an email program that automatically responds or sends replies to email messages. It includes a prewritten message (if any) that is sent to senders as an automatic response to said emails or messages.

To configure your Auto-Reply message in Plesk, follow the steps below:

  1. Access your Hosting Manager.
  2. Click Mail from the left-side menu.
  3. Under the Email Addresses tab, click on the Email address that you wish to manage.
  4. Click on the Auto-Reply tab from the top-menu.
  5. Select Switch on auto-reply.

    NOTE: To manually disable Auto-Reply, come back to this step and deselect this option.

  6. Provide the following information for your Auto-Reply message:
    Auto-reply message subject Enter the subject of the Auto-Reply email. (required)
    Message format Choose between Plain text and HTML; although Plain text is recommended as it is supported and readable by all email clients.
    Auto-reply message text Enter your actual Auto-Reply message.
    Forward to Enter an email address where you'd like the message to be forwarded to.
    Send an automatic response to a unique email address no more than (times a day) Specify the maximum number of days that an Auto-Reply message gets to be sent for each specific email address. (required)
    Attach a file Click the Choose File button if you'd like to attach a file, click the Remove link on its left to delete the file, and click the Add an attachment link below it to add more files.

  7. Select the Switch off auto-reply on option and set the date beside it if you want your Auto-Reply message to be disabled automatically on the set date.
  8. Click OK to save.

You've just configured your Auto-Reply messages in Plesk. For questions, or if you need any assistance in configuring auto-reply messages in Plesk, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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