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How To Connect My Domain To Email Exchange

If you purchased your domain from another Registrar like GoDaddy or HostGator, and want to use it for Email Exchange that is registered with us, you can connect it by Changing your DNS Settings or by Updating your Name Servers. This article will guide you on how to do both.

Do note that if your domain is registered through Crazy Domains, we have already connected your Email Exchange service, automatically. But, you may still review your settings using this guide.


Changing Your DNS Settings

There are two things you should consider changing for our hosted Email Exchange. First, the MX Records should connect to our Exchange Servers. And, second, the SRV Records should be created to enable synchronisation of your emails across all devices.


MX Records

To send and receive emails with our Email Exchange, MX Records must be changed to the following via your domain Registrar:

Type Location Records Priority
MX AU smtp.ds.network 5
smtp-uk.ds.network 10
MX EU (UK) smtp-uk.ds.network 5
smtp.ds.network 10

SRV Records

SRV Records enable Auto Discover for easy setup on any device. Without this record, Microsoft auto account setup and ActiveSync won’t work properly. Contact your domain Registrar and create the following SRV Records to connect it to your AU or EU (UK) servers:

Type Location Record NameTarget Port Priority Weight
SRV AU   mail.premium.exchange 443 0 1
SRV EU (UK)   email.premium.exchange 443 0 1

Another way to connect your domain to our hosted Email Exchange is by updating your Name Servers.


Updating your Name Servers


IMPORTANT: If your domain is connected to a website, updating your Name Servers will remove it from the live server and cause downtime. If you wish to use our Name Servers, you may contact your website hosting provider and ask for your A Record (or hosting IP address), then contact us so we can set it up for you.


For Email Exchange Hosting 2016, the following Name Servers should be used:

  • ns1.premium.exchange
  • ns2.premium.exchange

The records above should be updated via your domain Registrar’s account. If you’re not comfortable making the change yourself, you can contact your domain Registrar and provide them with this information to set up your domain name.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully connected your domain to our Email Exchange hosting. For further assistance, please let us know. We’d love to help!

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