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How To Use & Setup Webmail

Webmail is a web-based email client that lets you access your mail and start using it right away. It doesn't require any setup or downloads and works from any browser window.

Once you’ve purchased an email hosting or web hosting product from Crazy Domains, you will need to first, create an email account or multiple email accounts depending on your plan:


Once you have, then you're ready to use Webmail.


Log in to Webmail

To access your Webmail, you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to the new Webmail or old Webmail link directly.
    You can also click My Account at the top of this page, click the Email Login tab and select Email Mailbox from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter your complete Email Address, e.g. [email protected], and the corresponding email Password, then click Login.

You are now logged into Webmail.



Reading Email

To read your mail, double-click the subject of the message. When you've read the message, you can choose from the following options:

Back Choose this option to take you back to a list of all your messages.
Compose Choose this option to start a new email.
Reply / Reply All / Forward Choose one of these options to respond to the message or to send it to another recipient.
Delete Choose this option to delete the message.
Print Choose this option to open a printer-friendly version of the email that you are looking at and print it out.
Mark Choose this option to mark the message as read/unread or flagged/unflagged.
More Choose this option to explore other available options such as to edit the message as new or to open it in a new window.
Previous/Next Choose either of these options to move to the next or the previous message in your Inbox.
The Previous [<] and Next [>] options are found at the right-hand corner of the page.


Sending Email

To create and send a new email, click Compose from the menu at the top then enter the recipient's email and your email's Subject. Then, after you finish writing your message, click Send.

  • You can click on the Address Book tab at the top of the screen if you know the person is listed in your address book. Find the person's name and choose whether to include their address in the to, cc or bcc sections of your email.
  • If you click Save, the message will be saved to a Draft folder. You can access this any time by clicking on the Drafts folder on the left-side menu.
  • If you choose Spell, the system will check your email for any spelling errors. If there are any, you will receive a message box. The error will be shown with asterisks (*) in the document and you will see hints for the correct word spelling. You can choose from several spell check options.



Webmail Setup Options

My Webmail can be set up in many ways. Click on the Settings tab at the top of the page to access the different options available.

Screenshot of CD Email Hosting Webmail Settings



Add a Signature to your Emails

You can add a signature to your email so that all sent emails are followed by your personal signature. Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Webmail.
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. Click Identities from the left-side menu.
  4. On the Identities pane, click on your email address.
  5. Add your Signature in the field provided.
    You can simply enter a text or you can tick on the box for HTML signature if you wish to use an image, e.g. an image of your company logo with your business contact details. Here are simple HTML codes you can use as templates:
    <img src="link of image">
    <img src="link of image" width="50" height="50">

  6. Click Save.

Congratulations! You've just used and setup your Webmail.

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