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Renew a Product or Domain Name

Once your domain or product subscription is due for renewal, you can renew them automatically or manually. Read on to know more about renewals.

Automatic Renewal

Your products and domain names with Crazy Domains are set for automatic renewal by default. We recommend keeping this feature enabled to ensure you won't miss any renewals that will cause interruptions on your products or services. If the Auto Renewal setting is enabled, you don't need to worry about manual renewal. Our system will take care of it.

Review your products and domain names to ensure they will automatically renew to avoid interruptions.

Screenshot of Enabled Auto-Renewal Setting

Manual Renewal

Follow these steps to renew your subscriptions manually.

  1. In your Account Manager, find the product or domain that you want to renew manually.
  2. In the product or domain details section, click the hamburger icon to see the options, then click Renew. This will take you to the checkout page.

  3. Screenshot of the Manual Renew Option

  4. On the checkout screen, click the PAY SECURELY button, then complete the payment process.

Note: The renewal option is not available for some domain names until they are due for renewal — within 90 days before the expiry date.

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