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What is a domain name?

A domain name is an exclusive name that defines you or your business in order to be recognised on the internet. It serves as your online address so people can contact and reach you wherever you are. It may be comparable to GPS but differs in a sense that it is distinctive and has an ownership. It should be quick and easy to remember, so that your business can be found quicker in search by your target customers.

Why do you need a domain name?

To build a business identity

Without domain names, what will your business be? Unremarkable – and that’s a nightmare for most entrepreneurs. Recognition is the first quality that a business must possess and it would be unachievable without establishing a good name. If you want to invest online, your domain name helps to kick-start your business and create an identity that you will be known for.

To be recognised

The core purpose of building your web identity is to get results for targeted and better recognition. When incorporated with a relevant brand message, your web address can slowly achieve it if you start offering good value services. This is an effective way to be recognised and attract customers immediately.

To be competitive

Competition in online merchandising is fierce, so you need an edge to set you apart from your competitors and maximise profit from your investments. The competition starts in the strategy to encourage consumers to buy your products and patronize your services. At Crazy Domains, we offer cheap domain names to help you register your business and join in the competition with security.

To build consistency

When you start to be either locally or globally known, your customers will be expecting consistency from your brand. They will look forward to upgraded services and cool discount offers without a compromised quality. Aside from cheap products, consistency is the key to re-hook and encourage more shoppers to take part in your business.

How to create a domain name

Think of your customers

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers – that’s a golden rule in any industry. First, you must think like your customers and consider their priorities when it comes to choosing online merchandise. This way, you can carefully create a brandable name that is enticing and compelling for them. Shoppers love to buy cheap but good quality products so, try to incorporate this customer’s mindset around value into your web address.

Incorporate your brand

Never ever forget to carefully consider your brand identity before you purchase domain names. It would be useless to choose a name that’s vague or that could sound dated quickly. Value your web identity the way you value your business. Make it creative, eye-catching, and at the same time make it relevant to your brand.

Be forward-thinking

Always think of your web address as the future of your business. Aside from the fact that it builds your brand’s identity as you start, look forward to that day that your business will make waves online. This can help you focus not just on the present, but also on future possibilities for your business as well. No need to worry, domain name sales are timeless.

Be unique and specific

The secret to creating an unforgettable web address is to take advantage of the distinct and unique meaning of your web name’s individuality. Create a web identity that’s focused on your services and help potential customers decide to buy your products, regardless of cost.

How to buy a domain name?

When you buy a domain name, pick a registrar that offers you multiple choices of extensions at great value prices. At Crazy Domains, we provide an array of both local and global options wherever you are in Australia, United Kingdom, India, Hong Kong, or somewhere else.

It is important that your web identity incorporates a credible extension so that your business can establish legitimacy among your prospective customers.

How to choose a domain name?

Choose a suitable name

A web address that can amplify the message of your brand will help you to advertise your services with the least amount of effort. A good web address is something helps with marketing and establishing a good reputation for your brand. It’s the address that will lead your shoppers to buy the tools they are looking for.

Stay unforgettable

Nonetheless, it takes consistency and sharp marketing to generate income and even brand recognition. Stay unforgettable by delivering good quality services so that your consumers will find themselves returning to your store again and again. Your web address is especially important when consumers decide to share their great experience from your services’ availability.

Put an element of surprise

Crazy Domains have domain names for sale that surprise our customers in a delightful way. As an entrepreneur, think of a surprise for your consumers by creating a web address that has more to offer than just the core message of your brand. As this might be optional, you can never go wrong if you try to incorporate an inimitable approach so shoppers are interested to buy.

Keep it easy

Everything must be elementary starting from the spelling to pronunciation to the domain name definition. Some consumers might be curious enough to enquire about the history of your business, and how everything started. In the event it happens, you can easily relay the origin of your business. Buyers prefer simplicity so you can be searchable, identifiable, and reachable instantly.

How to get a domain name?

With us in Crazy Domains, buying domain names is so handy and cheap. Before registering your domain, you can also select an extension of your choice in cheap prices, depending on your location and your target customers’ place. On the other hand we also have an auto-renewal feature that automatically secures your web address the moment it expires.

What do you need to know about domain name?

It humanizes your brand

Without a web address, your brand would be a ghost. Nobody can see and recognize it, no matter how attractive it is. On the contrary, your web identity can bring life and income from your investments. Online brands are foreign to customers so make sure that your web address can reserve your brand’s significance so you can get them to buy.

You have an online advantage

Many businesses compete for online recognition, aside from quality of products. This is because buyers spend most of their time online so any merchant would take advantage of online marketing and advertising. If your business isn’t online yet you might ask how to purchase a domain name? No need to fret. You can search Crazy Domains’ website, buy and register yours.

Your business can be anywhere

If you are based in Australia, Asia or Europe and your services include shipping, delivery and other international services, your web address can help you reach your target market. For example, on - from goats, cars, to your cats’ needs, the eCommerce giant can respond to all these requests. A short and catchy web address plus cheap shipping costs will add more buyers to your market. Buying a domain name and creating online business is truly possible anywhere around the globe.

It strengthens your SEO

Given the fact that you can finance your business with an excellent marketing team, your web address can strengthen this strategy as the top keyword that interested buyers would click for. Choosing a name that’s highly specific and easy to spell will lead more people to buy, giving you plus points for online profit.

What are the benefits from your domain name?

You are uniquely established

According to several researches, there are about 3 trillion live websites this year. Can you imagine that number? It’s enormous and, actually, it’s still growing. This is because more people are interested in purchasing a web address and setting up a website is a unique, no sweat process.

You can avoid site duplication

As random web addresses continue to grow, site duplication cases become alarming, too. Get a domain name that’s appropriate and distinct from your competitors. Avoid duplication and protect your brand’s value so you can avoid puzzling your customers.

You can grow your business easily

Aside from a website, your domain can also serve as email domain name to expand the coverage of your business and help with communications. Aside from an e-mail, you can also buy an additional domain to create another website address. This is the one way to develop your business and expand its outlets.

You can earn money

Aside from sales integration, you can also make additional income through affiliates working in collaboration with your business. For example, your friend owns an online boutique and they will offer Christmas promos. You can help your friend inform people who are interested to buy through sharing his link on your website. But, make sure he’s not a business competitor so your partnership can work perfectly.

How will you expect your domain names to work?

It sets your customers’ expectations

Nothing else can set the first impression of your brand but your web address. In this technologically-influenced generation, you can choose from several best places to buy domain name and establish a site on your own purpose. Some web hosts also give you domain name suggestions to help you sort out which one is premium for your brand.

It is your reputation’s spine

Without it, your business will be nothing, people won’t be interested to buy. Your brand cannot work without the influence of your web address and its ability to introduce the identity of your business’ brand. In short, your web identity is the ultimate power that gives real meaning to your brand.

It is your legitimacy key

Most consumers would opt for cheap items but from a legitimate online provider where they can feel secure, especially in money matters. Customers often google for something with a legitimate name and if you have it, expect that more of your target customers to buy your products.

It will be your identity forever

Think of your business as a growing entity that could expand until online merchandizing is alive. It’s so easy to buy cheap domain names now, so pick something that will be memorable not just today, but until the growth of your business in the future. Don’t settle for some cheap name, go for something timeless.

What are the suitable websites for your domain?

eCommerce sites

eCommerce sites are everywhere, giving more merchandisers an idea to invest in the industry. If you plan to create your own website too, Crazy Domains is the cheapest place to buy domain names. However, if you wish to offer cheap products in your eCommerce shop, make sure that you have a unique marketing strategy because remember, your products may be cheap but your competitors might offer the cheapest.

Personal website

If you want to use a website for your resume, portfolio, or other job hunting and selling purposes, you can get a web address and make a personal website. You can make it cool, fresh, and informative to show-off your skills and get people to buy something.

Social sites

Social interaction is everywhere. If you wish to get your own site to interact with friends because Facebook and Instagram are crowded, sell cheap pre-loved dresses, or donate to the unfortunate, your personal site is good to go. Also, create a domain name that’s funny and inviting to have more friends.

Live blogs

Blogs are globally influential. If you are a blogger and want to publish your thoughts and adventures, you can use your web address to create your site, integrating with WordPress. Plus, you can earn through collaborating with influential bloggers and merchandisers and help them reinforce their marketing strategy. If you buy domain name for your blog, make sure it’s worth investing your time.