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  • Check your domain has been registered for at least 60 days
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After your previous registrar has accepted the transfer, the domain will be available in your Crazy Domains account.

Your Questions, Our Answers

How Domain Renewal works?

Creating a descriptive name for your web address is not exclusively for customers to locate your business. Rather, it is also the core that forms your business’ interchangeable identity. Regardless of how long you want to maintain your domain name, if you do not renew it at the right time, it will immediately slip through your hands like sand.

Domain registration renewal enters the scene when your expiration date is fast approaching. It is the process of re-registering your web address in order to continuously use it for the development of your business, organization or personal blogs.

Thousands of names are available online and hundreds of registrars include domain renewal services, too. With this convenience, the wisest thing to do after securing a web address is to manage it to enhance consistency and renew it to avoid unnecessary interruptions in the future.

Why do you need to value your domains?

Because losing a web address to one of an overwhelming community of competitors is the most frightening idea for any online business. Unless you have domain contractual of 5 years, there’s no guarantee of full ownership for a lengthier timeframe. One way to stay in contact with your web address is through domain renewal.

Without a web address, your website and email cannot function its global purpose especially in today’s computer-driven world, where most people browse the internet to find solutions that match their daily needs. Potential customers cannot find or reach you and most importantly, your business will not achieve its goals.

What happens if you don’t renew your web address?

By default, your web address will be available for other potential registrants. Most of the time before deletion, it will enter a 30-day grace period; the best time to retain it because it’s still in its regular price. After which, it will enter another 30-day redemption period that consists of a penalty fee. Then, it will be placed in a pending delete status.

Emails, websites, blogs, and other services linked to your web address will be inactive and inaccessible. Lastly, you can no longer retain your web address as it will be labelled as available for the public to register.

Why is it important to renew your web address?

Time constraints

Before losing your web address for at least a year, make sure to renew domain names on time before they are fully expired. Registrants are given sufficient time for domain name renewal. In the event the names are not renewed, the services linked to it cease functioning. This is obviously an interruption to your on-going brand recognition campaign and other initiatives that potentially help your business grow.


Don’t forget that you paid a reasonable amount to register your web address. And because of late domain renewal, it will be more costly if you have to pay penalty fee, or much worse if your competitor registered it. Running out of choices, you may want to purchase a brand new name which will obviously double the costs. Certainly, it’s not a practical move -- so be careful to review your financial budget before jumping into any purchasing decisions.


Competition in obtaining a web address is consistently increasing overtime. This is due to the growing number of online businesses. On the surface, domain name renewal only takes simple compliance of basic steps, but securing an ideal name first is challenging. Most names are already registered, and it takes a year or two before the current owner drops it. Therefore, stay ahead of the game by protecting and renewing domain names on time.

How to renew domain name

After you register your web address, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you own it instead, you are publicly licensed to use it for a certain timeframe, through the governance of Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN is the governing body that introduces top level domains, develops policy, and internationalizes terms and conditions.

Renewing with us at Crazy Domains is as crazy easy as registering it. You simply enter your web address in the renew box and extend it instantly for as long as you want. If you don’t want to do the procedure manually, make sure that you enable Auto Renewal when you purchase or transfer your web address with us. Aside from this guide to renew domain name, you will also be receiving reminders from us through emails. We will also advise you accordingly on issues that might affect the process.

How can I renew my domain name?

You can renew domain name with the registrar who provided you with the registration policy, terms and services. With us at Crazy Domains, you simply log in to account manager then click the domains tab. The procedure may depend on the status of your web address. If it is “registered” click on the “expiry date” and choose your own timeframe until when you want to extend its registration. After which, click “extend” and simply follow the instructions to continue.

Otherwise, if the status is “renewal due/expired” click “renew now” then follow the rest of the procedures to complete the domain registration renewal process. You can visit our website for more answers to your requests and questions from “How can I renew my domain name?” to “What is redemption period?”

What is a redemption period?

This simply refers to the transition of your web address’ status. It is the 30 calendar days after the grace period and, usually, your web address may still be updated and renewed during this period. 30 days after expiration, your web address first enters a “grace period” where you have the full accountability to redeem it. After another 30 days, that’s where “redemption” starts.

Moreover, web addresses have different life cycle depending on whether it’s a European (.eu) Australian (.com.au) or US (.us) domain. Depending on registrars, some allow registrants to renew domain names during redemption, provided that they pay an additional penalty fee. Other registrars, however, restrict you from doing so.