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.attorney Domain Name Registration

.Attorney domain for lawyers, and anyone with the power of attorney

All lawyers are attorneys: but not all attorneys are lawyers.

If that sounds confusing, consider it like this. A lawyer is another name for an "attorney at law", but anyone can be able to act on another's behalf in legal and financial contexts - this gives them "power of attorney", making them "attorney-in-fact".

What this fascinating legal jargon doesn't tell you is the little known fact that in nature the attorney fish is so-named because of its appearance makes it look like it wears a powdered wig. And because it gives legal advice to other fishes.

If you're an attorney and want to stand out online, there needs to be no argument on this: get yourself an .ATTORNEY domain name.

  • .ATTORNEY is for lawyers, and legal professionals.
  • .ATTORNEY is ideal for law schools.
  • .ATTORNEY appeals to companies involved in legal research and legal journals.