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Getting Started With the Affiliate Program

Get started with the Crazy Domains Affiliate Program and make bigger payouts. Once we approve your application, you'll have access to the resources you need to promote Crazy Domains effectively.

Here are some topics that will help you succeed as an affiliate. This guide also includes a Frequently Asked Questions section to address common queries about the program.


Table of Contents

  1. Understand the Affiliate Program
  2. Access the Affiliate Dashboard
  3. Promote Crazy Domains Products
  4. Track Your Earnings
  5. Learn How You Get Paid
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the Affiliate Program


It’s easy! Simply promote Crazy Domains products and services on your website, blogs, and social media channels. Once a customer completes a purchase through your campaign, you’ll get a commission. Plus, tracking your earnings is hassle-free as we automate everything through the Affiliate Dashboard.


Access the Affiliate Dashboard


When your application is approved, we'll email you the Affiliate Dashboard login details. Use the username and password to log in to the dashboard through the Impact Radius platform.


Promote Crazy Domains Products


Everything you need to make money with Crazy Domains is on your Affiliate Dashboard.

To find the links, just click Content from the top-bar menu and select Assets. From here, you will see a complete list of referral links and banners that you can add to your website, blogs, or social media channels.

Remember that you earn every time your customer makes a Qualified Purchase. So, embed the links and post the banners strategically to optimize your campaign's success. Go to the Complete Guide on Affiliate Links or Assets to know more.

  • For your sales to be valid, only use the affiliate links or assets from your Affiliate Dashboard.
  • Not all Crazy Domains products are qualified for commission. Refer to the Affiliate Program Guidelines for more information on eligible product categories, commission rates, and qualified purchases.

Track Your Earnings


Click your current balance in the top-right corner of your dashboard, then select Earnings from the dropdown. This will show a detailed report for the month.

You can also see a summary of your upcoming and overdue commissions on the top widget of your dashboard’s main page.


Learn How You Get Paid


We only process payments through the Affiliate Dashboard. Make sure to set up your preferred payment method to where we can send the payments. Refer to the Affiliate Program Guidelines to know more about the payment schedule.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I qualify for this program?
  2. How do I sign up?
  3. I’m currently an affiliate. Do I need to sign up again?
  4. What happens if I fail to update the old referral links with the new ones?
  5. When will you be closing the old affiliate platform?
  6. What will happen to my tracked commissions on the old platform?
  7. What is Impact Radius?
  8. Are all Crazy Domains products eligible for commission?
  9. Are there brand guidelines I need to follow?
  10. Who should I contact for support?

How do I qualify for this program?


Anyone can join the program, but having the qualifications below can be a significant advantage in becoming an affiliate.

  • You are a digital entrepreneur, educator, influencer, or content creator looking into monetizing your craft.
  • You have a working website or active social channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • You have experience with affiliate marketing or referral programs.

How do I sign up?


Fill out the Affiliate Program online application form to sign up for free. Review the Affiliate Program Terms before you proceed.


I’m currently an affiliate. Do I need to sign up again?


Yes. We will host our new affiliate program on a different platform, so you must register to the new system to be part of the new network of Crazy Domains affiliates. After that, you must log in to your new Affiliate Dashboard and find your new referral links on the Assets page. Then, change the old referral links on your websites or social networks with the new ones.


We’ll stop tracking sales from the old links on 31 August 2022. To avoid losing your commissions and credits for those referrals, ensure that the new links are applied before we discontinue the tracking. Sales tracking from the new links on the new dashboard will begin on 1 September 2022.


When will you be closing the old affiliate platform?


The old Crazy Domains affiliate platform shuts down on 31 August 2022. After that, sales from referrals cannot be tracked or paid for. You may download and keep a personal record of your sales, clicks, and other tracking data.


What will happen to my tracked commissions on the old platform?


All tracked commissions will be visible on the new Affiliate Dashboard and will be paid to you as per the payout schedule.


What is Impact Radius?


Impact Radius is the new digital platform we use to instantly monitor affiliate activities. All the information you need as an affiliate is found on the dashboard powered by this platform.


Are all Crazy Domains products eligible for commission?


Some Crazy Domains products are not qualified for commission. See the list of eligible product categories and plans before you start your campaign.


Are there brand guidelines I need to follow?


Yes, there are brand guidelines that you must adhere to in promoting Crazy Domains. Negligence of the terms may terminate your affiliate account.


Who should I contact for support?


You can contact us for general enquiries, such as payments and commission concerns.

For technical assistance regarding the dashboard, please contact Impact Radius. If you want to read helpful guides and articles, the Help Center is accessible as long as you are logged in to your dashboard.

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