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What Is Full Traffic Bundle

Online traffic refers to the number of web users who visit a website. It is measured through visits or sessions and is a way to gauge online business effectiveness in attracting a targeted audience on the web.

However, there are a lot of factors affecting a website’s online traffic such as branding, advertising, or the marketing tools used. But no matter how complete your tools are, bottomline is, their effectiveness still depends on how they are managed and how efficient you use them to achieve your goals.

If you want to excel in online marketing but don’t know where to start or how to do it, we recommend using our Full Traffic Bundle.

In this guide, you’ll learn what Full Traffic Bundle is, its inclusions, and how to maximise its uses to help you realise your business goals – particularly, a better online visibility.


What is Full Traffic Bundle

Unlike Online Traffic and Online & Offline Traffic bundles, the Full Traffic Bundle is a complete package for managing online marketing. Here you get to enjoy the following:

With this set of marketing tools, you have the full capacity to manage all SEO aspects of your website. You can optimise and, check your website for any potential blockers, then submit it to search engines and online business directories to create more traffic for your website.


What's in Full Traffic Bundle

Full Traffic offers you a complete package of our Online Marketing Solutions tools – Simple SEO, Traffic Booster, and Business Directory. You’ll get to access all these online marketing tools in one package at a cheaper price than buying each tool individually.

But what are in these individual tools that can help you reach more customers online? Continue reading to get a summary of each tool’s functionality and features.

  • Simple SEO (basic plan) – Content quality, keywords, and user-friendly navigation are a few of the factors you want to consider to get better results in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages).

    All these can be configured in our Simple SEO tool. After setting up your SEO settings the tool will analyse and generate action plans that range from different components, from Site Content, Design, Brand Marketing, Web Development, to Content Creation. You can choose which action plan you would like to add and work on to improve your website’s performance. You can also read and learn more about our Simple SEO tool on these following links:

  • Traffic Booster – This tool gives an additional boost for faster results in increasing website traffic and enables you to easily reach more of your target market. How does the Traffic Booster tool do it?

    Just like with the Simple SEO tool, the Traffic Booster has a Link Checker feature to find broken links on your website. Keep in mind that broken links and images give a bad user experience and can harm your connection with Google’s web crawlers or “Googlebots”. Thus, set back your goal in reaching your right audience and getting to the top search engine result.

    The tool then optimises your website to adjust your web pages to improve their position in search engine results and attract your desired traffic. Then, for the last step, Traffic Booster submits your website to all search engines and enhances your SEO making it search engine friendly.

  • Business Directory (basic plan) – This is beneficial for small to medium businesses that are just starting up. Business Directory tool submits your business information to online and offline business directories such as Google Maps, Google Business, Facebook, Instagram, etc., so you get a better online presence.

What’s your Next Step

Now that you’ve got a summary of each tool included in this bundle, the next step is to get a hands-on experience of the tool itself! Here’s your starting point in using the Full Traffic Bundle - from accessing the Online Marketing Hub dashboard down to setting up each tool for you to manage and customise to suit your needs. Click on these corresponding helpful guides below:

Setting the right keywords, creating relevant content, and making sure your website focuses on user experience will guarantee results in achieving online visibility.

Remember, one of the reasons why optimising your website is important is to have a better conversion rate and to generate ROI (return on investment) for your business. That’s why choosing the most appropriate set of tools and learning how to manage them correctly is very crucial to help you achieve your online goals.

If you need assistance or if you have questions regarding our Full Traffic Bundle, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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