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Affiliate Program Guidelines

The Crazy Domains Affiliate Program lets you earn commissions through referral purchases. Now that we’ve partnered with Impact Radius, affiliates will enjoy reliable in-app tracking, market-level analytics, and timely commission payouts.

This guide will explain the Affiliate Program guidelines for the new platform.


Table of Contents

  1. Program Requirements
  2. Eligible Products and Services
  3. Commission Approval
  4. Payout Guidelines
  5. Brand Guidelines

Before we proceed, let's breakdown the common terms used in this guide.

  • Affiliate - You, as our partner or Crazy Domains advocate.
  • Customer - The person who purchases a product using your affiliate links or assets.
  • Assets - Also called affiliate links or tracking links, these are all the advertising tools Crazy Domains will provide you in the Affiliate Dashboard.

Program Requirements

  • If you're looking into monetizing your content, websites, blogs, social media channels, or videos, you can be the right partner for us. You can join the Crazy Domains affiliate program for free.
  • Since this is an entirely new system, existing Crazy Domains affiliates need to sign up to the new platform and update their existing referral links to the new ones.
  • You need to have a website or active social channels, such as Facebook or Twitter, where you can share or add Crazy Domains affiliate links.

Eligible Products and Services

Before promoting Crazy Domains, please note that not all products are included in the affiliate program. Ensure to check which eligible products and services work well with your website, social media channels, and target audience.


Commission Approval

Qualified Purchases

Successful sales must meet the following criteria to qualify for a commission.

  • Customer must purchase a minimum of 12-month product subscription using the affiliate link.
  • Sales must not be deleted or refunded within the 60-day money back guarantee period.
  • Commission is only applicable for new product purchases (does not include renewals).
Sales Tracking
  • We track your sales via the assets or affiliate links you share. Only the purchases made by your referral through these links are valid transactions.
  • Cookie life is 60 days. This means that your referral must complete the purchase within this period after clicking the affiliate link.

Payout Guidelines

Commission Rates

Here are the eligible products and the respective commission rates that you will get in every valid sale.

Product Category Products Commission Rate (AUD)
Domains All Domains 20%
Web Hosting Linux Hosting
WordPress Hosting
Website Builder
Domain & Hosting Packages
Email Hosting Business Email Hosting $70
Servers Linux VPS
Windows VPS
Custom Servers
Dedicated Servers
Design Services Web Design
Logo Design
Online Marketing Services Traffic Booster
Simple SEO
Managed SEO

We process all financial transactions in Australian Dollars (AUD). Conversion fees may apply depending on your location and currency.

Payout Schedule
  • For new affiliates, make sure to have an accumulated minimum threshold balance of AUD 150 to be eligible for payout.

    Pending commissions will be held for a maximum of 180 days (6 months) to allow you to reach the AUD 150 minimum balance. If the threshold is not met, the pending commission will be automatically reversed.

  • All commissions go through a 75-day validation period to track and clear you for payout.
Payment Platform

We process all payments and invoicing through Impact Radius. Ensure to set up your preferred payment method to withdraw your account balance.



  • Enable Payment Updates to receive payout notifications on your dashboard.
  • If you have technical inquiries regarding Impact Radius, contact the Impact Radius Help Center for assistance.

Brand Guidelines

You may include Crazy Domains’ branding and logo in all your advertisements.

By incorporating our brand and logo into your promotions or campaigns, you acknowledge and understand Crazy Domains’ trademarking and branding guidelines. Violation of this standard may cause the termination of your affiliate account with Crazy Domains.

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