When email debuted as marketing material in 1978, it earned $12 million in sales. This promising start, and its persistent relevance 44 years later, established email as a prime marketing channel even today.

It evolved from being a mere marketing method to being a vital means for marketers to analyse and monitor customer behaviour and respond accurately to their needs.

This means email marketing isn’t just about sending promotional emails and calling it a day. It takes more than an email list and a satisfactory email copy to loop in leads, boost conversions, and earn revenues.

Managing your business is hectic enough. Email campaigns are a hefty addition to your brimming agenda. This is where Email Marketing Service gets into action. Read on to learn about Crazy Domains latest email marketing solution.

What Is Email Marketing Specialist Service?

What Is Email Marketing Specialist

Email Marketing Specialist Service (EMSS) eases your email marketing woes with dedicated expert assistance for your email campaigns. The service assigns you to an email specialist who will directly tend to your email marketing needs, from planning to execution.

No more email campaigns done with a shot in the dark. They will discuss with you your objectives, come up with a strategic approach that ensures the best results, and put the plan into action.

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What Email Marketing Specialist Service Has for You

Dedicated Email Specialist

Dedicated Email Specialist

True enough, you don’t have to be a pro to launch email campaigns. However, you need the right strategy to send emails that win conversions and generate profits. And who can better coach you to score the perfect shot other than the experts?

EMSS connects you to a dedicated email specialist who will lead your campaigns. There’s no need to fret over whether your campaign will work or not. It will! Your email specialist will help you curate an email marketing plan that efficiently nurtures leads, invites conversions, and retains customers.

Full email campaign management

Full email campaign management

You can’t just mass send emails to your subscribers and pack up. It takes a huge chunk of your schedule to plan, create, and send emails that drive revenue for your brand.

EMSS lets you hand over your email campaigns from start to finish. Besides preparing your email copy, you don’t need to do more. Your email marketing specialist will help manage and schedule your campaign for distribution. This frees up significant time on your agenda so you can dedicate more time to your business.

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Quick email campaign setup

Quick email campaign setup

It takes time and careful planning to produce email campaigns that work. According to a survey, 53% of brands admit that it takes more than two weeks to produce a marketing email. If you’re treading a tight redline, all the more you should get an expert on your team.

EMSS guarantees a quick email campaign setup with professional templates on your Email Marketing platform. Your email specialist will help you pick the best email template and will customise your email copy for you. This assures prompt email campaign delivery.

Email Marketing demo

Email Marketing demo

EMSS makes use of the Email Marketing platform to craft your campaign. This means you need to purchase an Email Marketing plan first to avail the service.

Email Marketing has all the features you need to launch winning email campaigns. The only question is how? If you’re not getting the traction you need even with the right tools, you need crucial insights on how to best work with Email Marketing.

Dive deeper into your Email Marketing with an in-depth demo of the platform. Learn more about its features and understand the email creation process better. Know how you can best incorporate Email Marketing into your strategy to get a terrific outcome.

The experts got you

Email is a champion platform for marketers. Among other digital channels, email has the most potential to catapult your brand to online success. While email marketing is pretty straightforward and easy to execute, it’s a challenge to plan campaigns that help you experience higher profits.

You don’t have to do it all. Team up with an Email Marketing Specialist and let the experts do their magic. Book a free consultation with us today to discuss the right solutions to your needs.