Wondering which programming language should you learn in 2023? Don’t break a sweat analysing Google Trends. Instead, opt for a language that you are passionate about, and that can help you advance your career. 

Mastering at least one programming language is a must for developers today. Whether you want to upskill and advance your career or switch fields altogether, upgrading your coding skills can be a life-changing move. 

If you’re unsure about which programming language to learn, this article will help you. Let’s begin. 

5 Top Programming Languages Web Developers Must Learn 


JavaScript is useful for creating dynamic user interactions on web pages and is ideal for front-end development. It requires HTML and CSS skills to create and define the layout and content of the web pages. 

JavaScript is one of the most popular and versatile programming languages. In fact, a study claims that JavaScript is used as a client-side programming language by 98.2% of websites, including Microsoft, PayPal, Google, Walmart, and so on. 

So, the real question is: What’s fueling this skyrocketing growth? 

Quite simple: JavaScript is a high-level, interpreted programming language that is widely used for the following: 

  • Building interactive front-end and full-stack web applications 
  • Allowing developers to create things such as form validation, dynamic content updates, and interactive effects 
  • Web development and to create applications that can be supported by all major web browsers 
  • Building interactive web pages (think: Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, etc.) with greater platform independence and browser control 
  • Creating single dynamic web pages
  • Making coding easy to implement for beginners 
  • Possessing a well-organised codebase for improved productivity and readability 


Python is useful for back-end development and creating machine learning as well as deep learning applications. It requires problem-solving and abstract thinking skills. 

Python is a high-level, versatile programming language. Here are other things that the language is most known for: 

  • Popular for its readability and is easy to learn as well as code 
  • Used for applications such as web development, scientific computing, data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more 
  • Used by a large and supportive community of users and beginner developers  
  • Offers extensive libraries and frameworks to create high-performing applications 
  • Used by established giants such as Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, etc.  
  • Comes with an intuitive syntax, making it a popular choice for beginners 
  • Offers advanced features such as powerful libraries and frameworks, making it ideal for experienced developers 


Ruby is useful for building simple and elegant web applications. You need to have problem-solving skills, abstract thinking, and the ability to visualise the kind of applications users want. 

Ruby is a dynamic, open-source language that is used for building a wide range of applications. From web development and data analysis to automation, Ruby empowers developers to achieve more.  

Ruby is also the most loved language among developers with 87% of developers wanting to continue using this programming language. Its defining characteristics include the following: 

  • It is a dynamic, interpreted, and object-oriented programming language that’s easy to read and write. 
  • It’s designed to have a human-friendly syntax, making it easier to write code.  
  • It’s widely used for web development, scripting, and building large-scale applications.  
  • Some popular Ruby-based frameworks include Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, and Hanami. 
  • It is laser-focused on making programming fun and accessible to everyone. 


SQL or Structured Query Language is useful for managing and manipulating relational database systems. Learning this programming language requires a fundamental understanding of databases and basic SQL syntax. 

SQL is a standard language that helps users: 

  • Manage relational databases 
  • Perform operations on the data stored in a database (think: creating tables, updating data, extracting data, and more) 
  • Maintain web development and business applications data 
  • Engage in data analysis 
  • Work with apps that are data-forward such as apps with an integrated social media platform, payment processor, and more 
  • Build a promising career in roles such as database administrator, data analyst, QA engineer, and so on 


PHP is best for server-side dynamic websites and applications such as ecommerce sites, content management systems, and custom web applications. Having a background in programming languages can be very helpful to let you learn the language faster. 

PHP is a server-side scripting language that: 

  • Is specifically designed for web development 
  • Is faster than other scripting languages 
  • Is used to generate dynamic web pages 
  • Can be embedded into HTML 
  • Is free and open-source and runs on various operating systems (think: Windows, Linux, and macOS) 
  • Is actively used by brands such as Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc. 

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Programming Language to Learn Based on Career Goals 

5 Best Web Development Languages to Learn in 2023

The languages listed above will continue to be in demand and have a strong job market for the foreseeable future. In simpler words, they’re well worth learning for advanced developers or beginners. 

Keep Your Web Development Skills Up to Date 

Mastering specific programming languages and technologies ultimately depends on your individual career goals, interests, and the projects you want to work on. Note that every programming language is different and comes with its own set of complexities. 

Selecting and starting to learn the right programming language can be challenging. Consider the top programming languages listed above and supercharge your career. 

Also, keep clients coming to you by building a professional online portfolio using your unique domain name and showcasing your work. 

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