Selecting the right hosting solution for your small or medium-sized business (SMB) is crucial. A robust hosting infrastructure ensures your website remains accessible and secure. This way, you’re able to focus on what matters most: growing your business.  

But with many hosting options available, choosing the ideal plan that aligns with your specific business goals can be daunting. In this article, we will cover business web hosting in detail so that your hosting service — the backbone of your website — remains rock-solid and high-performing. 

What is Shared Hosting?  

Shared hosting is a popular and cost-effective solution ideal for SMBs looking to launch a website and establish an online presence. 

In a shared hosting environment, several websites share a single server. This means your website shares server resources like CPU power, memory, and disk space with other websites on the same server. 

So, how does this type of hosting work? It’s quite simple.  

When you choose a shared hosting plan, your website’s files and data are stored on a server maintained and managed by the web host or hosting provider. The web host handles server maintenance, security, and technical support, allowing you to focus on managing your website.  

Since server resources are shared among multiple websites, the cost of shared hosting is generally lower compared to other hosting options. 

Web Hosting Comparison: Crazy Domains Web Hosting vs Business Hosting  

Crazy Domains offers two shared hosting options perfect for startups and small businesses. But how do they differ? Which one best fits your business?  

Web Hosting 

Ideal for: Businesses with lesser traffic and simpler online needs  

Crazy Domains Web Hosting comes power-packed with a suite of features to help you host and manage your website easily: 

  • Blazing-fast page load times. It runs on SSD memory that offers faster load speeds than traditional hard drives, perfect for small businesses running simple websites.  
  • cPanel. All Crazy Domains hosting plans come with cPanel to easily manage your hosting files, including your website assets, emails, folders, databases, and much more. 
  • Email protection. All emails are scanned for spam and viruses before they reach your network. 
  • On-demand tech support. You can leverage on-demand 24/7 tech support via phone, email, live chat, social network, etc. 

Business Hosting

Ideal for: Businesses that expect more traffic to their website and demand more websites, emails, and security features 

Our all-new Business Hosting gives your enterprise the edge it deserves with: 

  • Enterprise-level speed and server resources. Compared to our Web Hosting plans, Business Hosting offers next-level website speed, resources, and site protection. 
  • High bandwidth tolerance. With high bandwidth and unlimited data transfer, your websites stay fast and accessible despite heavy traffic and multiple site users.  
  • Higher email hosting capacity. Create multiple emails and enjoy increased limits for outbound messages.
  • cPanel hosting. Get the unparalleled reliability and ease of use of this renowned hosting management platform.  

10 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Business Hosting Plan for Your SMB 


  1. Business website goals

Begin by clearly defining your business goals and the purpose of your website. Are you looking to sell products online? Or perhaps to generate leads? Understanding your objectives will help you determine the necessary features and resources your hosting plan should offer.  

Ask yourself: What do I want to achieve with my website? 

  1. Expected traffic

Consider the amount of traffic you anticipate your website will receive. Will you have a low, moderate, or high stream of visitors? Look at the footfall patterns up until now using your preferred analytics tool. This will help you gauge the hosting resources required to effectively handle your traffic.  

Ask yourself: How many visitors do I expect on my website on a weekly/monthly basis? 

  1. Specific online needs and budgetary costs

Identify any specific requirements your website may have. For example, if you plan to use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, ensure that your hosting provider supports it. If you require email hosting, check if it’s included in your plan.  

Of course, compare pricing structures between different plans across different hosting providers and see how it fares with your budget.  

But while cost is important, remember to consider the value you are getting in terms of features, performance, and support. 

Ask yourself: What specific features or functionalities does my website need? Which hosting plan fits within my budget while still meeting my requirements? 

  1. Security features 

Prioritise your website security and customer data at all costs. As a rule of thumb, look for web hosts that offer robust security features, including malware scanning, SSL certificates, firewalls, and regular backups. You should also consider if they provide additional security options like DDoS protection or site monitoring.  

Ask yourself: How important is website security for my business? How will it impact my website? 

  1. Website speed

It’s no secret that website loading speed plays a vital role in user experience and search engine rankings. So, opt for a hosting provider that offers fast server infrastructure and content delivery networks (CDNs) to ensure speedy access to your website.  

Ask yourself: How fast do I need my website to load? 

  1. Backup requirements

Regular backups are essential to safeguard your website data. Check if the web host includes automated backup services and how frequently they perform backups. Additionally, inquire about data restoration options in case of any unforeseen incidents.  

Ask yourself: How critical is it to have reliable and accessible backups for my website? 

  1. Scalability and future growth

Consider whether a hosting plan allows for easy scalability of resources. You may need additional storage, bandwidth, or processing power as your business grows. Make sure to get hosting that you can easily scale to ensure your website can handle increased traffic and demands.  

Ask yourself: Will my hosting plan accommodate future resource requirements? 

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  1. Technical support

Evaluate the level of technical support offered by the hosting provider. Are they available 24/7? Do they provide multiple support channels, such as live chat, email, or phone? Reliable and responsive technical support is crucial for addressing any website issues promptly. It also ensures your website is always accessible to your customers.  

Ask yourself: How important is getting good customer support for me? Is this web host renowned for its reliable customer service?  

  1. Uptime guarantee

Look for a hosting provider that offers a strong uptime guarantee. Ideally, it should be at least 99.9%. A reliable uptime promise ensures your website remains accessible to visitors, minimising downtime and potential revenue loss. 

Ask yourself: Does the vendor have an uptime of 99.9% (or more)? 

  1. Reputation and reviews

Research a web host’s reputation and read customer reviews or testimonials. Look for feedback on their reliability, customer support, and overall service satisfaction. A reputable hosting provider with positive reviews is more likely to deliver a satisfactory hosting experience. 

Ask yourself: What are other customers saying about this hosting provider? 

Get a Hosting Plan Dedicated to Your Business  

Choosing the right hosting solution for your business is crucial to ensure a solid online presence. But don’t just settle for any shared hosting plan. It’s essential to first assess your business needs, anticipate future growth, and consider a plan tailored specifically for enterprises.  

For small businesses with a simple website meant for brand awareness, any shared hosting solution will get them a web presence in no time. But for those anticipating high traffic to a website with more complex features, it’s best to consider Crazy Domains Business Hosting. Explore our newest hosting solution today!