Are you building a business website? Or a personal website? Or a blog? In either case, the right domain name can do wonders for your online presence and brand building endeavours. Think about it, your domain name is one of the first touchpoints for anyone to get a feel for your brand and what it stands for.  

Your domain name serves as a great opportunity to make a lasting first impression in the minds of your audience and stakeholders. It also doubles up as one of the most effective ways to enhance brand recall and build credibility for long term sustenance.    

short and memorable name paired with a unique domain extension will pique the interest of anyone who comes across it. However, given the saturation of naming opportunities in the market, finding a catchy name on a cool new domain extension can get a bit arduous.  

Fortunately, though, there is a brand-new, uber-cool domain extension in town. Yes, the .cyou domain extension is here and it offers a plethora of name options that are not easily available anywhere else.   

What is .cyou? 

What is .CYOU?

.cyou, short for ‘See You’, is a new-age domain extension crafted for today’s generation of creative personalities and pathbreaking businesses that thrive on the Internet and have never witnessed a world without social media.  

Smartly positioned as the perfect domain extension for Gen Z and tech-savvy people, .cyou is well-suited for today’s digital natives in the likes of social media influencers, innovative brands, and for anyone who wishes to further their online presence and monetize their talents on the Internet. 

When does .cyou launch?  

While .cyou’s Sunrise Period for trademark holders is going strong since May 14th, the domain extension will be launch for the general public from June 23rd preceded by a special seven-day Early Access Program. 

The .cyou domain will be open for General Availability registrations from June 23rd, 2020, with Dreamscape Networks.   

Key points 

  • .cyou is an open extension without any registration requirements. 
  • Sunrise Period begins on May 14th and ends on June 15th, 2020 (UTC 1400). 
  • General Availability beings on June 16th, 2020 (UTC 1400).
  • EAP starts on June 16th and will last until June 23rd (UTC 1400) 

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4 Reasons to Register A .cyou Domain 

While there are numerous reasons to opt for a brand new uber-cool .cyou domain extension, here are four of the most compelling reasons that make .cyou a great choice.

Wide availability of meaningful names 

Wide Availability of Meaningful Names 

As a brand-new domain extension, there is a higher probability of finding the name of your choice. This is especially true with EAP. Not only that, but you can also find truly meaningful and contextual names for your website or brand with .cyouThis is your chance to register a short, memorable, and meaningful name that can catapult your brand to new heights. 

For instance, if you are building a new eyewear brand, and your brand name is ‘Eye See You’, you can simply register! name like makes for a highly recallable identity and will help you unlock a world of branding building and marketing opportunities. 

Reach new audience groups

Reach New Audience Groups 

Adopting and actively using your .cyou domain will help you reach younger, newer audiences. This is primarily down to .cyou’s clever positioning which is geared towards Gen Z and savvy individuals and brands.  

For instance, if you run a podcast called ‘Kevin’s Marketing Workshop’, then a domain name like or will appeal to younger audiences and help you drive more traffic to your website.   

Build a strong online brand

Build A Strong Online Brand 

The availability of meaningful and memorable names on a smart new domain extension is a potent combination for building a formidable online brand. This coupled with the fact that names on .cyou are instantly recognizable at a single glance makes the .cyou domain extension a great choice for businesses and brands looking to establish authority on the Internet. 

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Free of usage limitations

Free of Usage Limitations   

The .cyou domain extension is not bound by any specific industry vertical or niche. Neither is it restricted by language or geographic boundaries. The agnostic nature of .cyou makes it usable by anyone from any industry from any part of the world.  

There are no usage limitations that come along with a .cyou domain extension. Anyone can use it to denote their online presence and build a strong brand around it. This makes .cyou a versatile and dynamic choice.    

How to Name Your Website With .cyou 

How to name your website with .cyou

Here are a few effective ways to pick a smart name with the .cyou domain extension: 

  • (e.g. 
  • (e.g. 
  • (e.g. 
  • (e.g. 
  • (e.g. 
  • (e.g. 
  • (e.g. 
  • (e.g. 
  • (e.g. 
  • (e.g. 

Given its unique characteristics, the .cyou domain extension makes for a brilliant choice for any business, brand, or individual. 

 Eshan Pancholi is a Senior Marketing Specialist at ShortDot.