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Creating Sites with cPanel
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Therese Sarabia

Course Instructor​


Course Overview

There’s a reason cPanel is considered the most popular web hosting platform. It allows website owners to seamlessly manage their web hosting accounts and server resources—all in one convenient platform. It also has several tools designed to help you build powerful websites.

The best part?

Users with little to no web development skills can use these tools with ease—with a bit of training, of course!

Learn how to navigate through your Linux Web Hosting cPanel account with our Tech Writer, Therese Sarabia. She’ll walk you through its most important features that’ll help you make quick site updates and installations.

And finally, learn how to publish your website through cPanel in just a few clicks!

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the benefits of cPanel and why you need it.
  • Learn how to login to your cPanel account.
  • Understand the essential categories and features in cPanel such as software, databases, files, email, and security.
  • Learn how to upload websites using HTML through the File Manager.
  • Know how to set up WordPress through cPanel in five easy steps.
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