Long ago, when businesses needed a website, they had to rely on the skills and expertise of web programmers. 

But with the emergence of DIY tools like website builders, anyone can build a website on their own — even when they’re not tech-savvy.

Why should you use one?

  • No programming experience required. You can build an entire website without writing a single line of code.
  • It’s quick and easy. What defines website builders is their drag-and-drop functionality. You literally drag and drop any elements you wish to have on your website.
  • No design skills required. Yes, you still need to keep what you’ve learned from our lesson on Web Design Principles. But when you’re crunched for time, you can start with a ready-made template. 
  • It’s flexible. Most website builders let you easily install third-party applications, like analytics, e-commerce, social media, and more.
  • Low budget. Website builders are generally cheaper than hiring a developer. You can even find website builders that offer free plans! 

Banner Website Builder

If these all spark your interest, here’s a guide on using Crazy Domains’ own Website Builder.

Crazy Domains Website Builder: A Crazy Easy Guide

Getting Started 

Getting Started

Step 1

Purchase the right Website Builder plan for your business.

CD website plans 

Step 2 

Log in to your Crazy Domains account. You’ll be redirected to your Account Manager after login. Click on Website Builder from the top menu.

website builder contral panel

Step 3

Hover on the + icon, then click Build Now.

website builder

Step 4

You can now start building your website! Click on the Create Site button to begin.

create site

Step 5

Choose a template that fits your niche. You may filter your options according to category. If you want to use a blank template, go to All, scroll down the end of the list, and click on Blank Template

Click to a template to preview. When you’ve decided on a template you want, click Create This Site.

website builder template list

Building Your Website 

Building Your Website

By now, you should be on your Website Builder editor — where you can start building your website.

Let’s start with the basics:


Your logo is a visual representation of your business. So adding it to your website is a must.

Hover your mouse pointer over the logo and click Edit. On the pop-up box that appears, choose between Image or Text. Then, customise your way from there.

logo view

Learn more about adding a logo here

Navigation Menu

Let your visitors explore your website through a navigation menu. 

Hover your mouse pointer over the menu block on top of the page and click on the Layout icon. From there, edit the layout and design as you wish.

adjust website layout

For more info on how to customise your menu block, click here.


A Feature is a layout element you can use to build up your site’s content. Think Texts, Buttons, Photos, and many more.

Website Builder feature

Find out how to use each Feature through this guide.


If you don’t want to drag every single Feature manually, make use of Blocks!

Blocks are ready-made sections of layouts you’d commonly find on any website. That includes footers, contact info, gallery, and others.

Website Builder blocks

Learn how to add blocks to your website here.


Unless you opt to have a single-page website, creating multiple pages is essential. This allows you to organise your content and gives you brownie points for SEO.

To add a page, go to your Website Builder editor, then click on Pages > Add. Choose from Page, Folder, and Link.

When adding a Page, you may choose from a blank one, a duplicate, or a template-based one.

Website Builder blank template

Meanwhile, a Folder page serves as a parent page under which you can add child pages. It works like a drop down menu.

drop down page

Lastly, if you want a menu item that directs to an external page, choose Link.

creating link settings

Know more about customising your page settings here.


In Web Design Principles, we learned that consistency is essential. You can easily apply that through the Theme option in our Website Builder editor.

Exercise your free reins in editing your colour palette, fonts, buttons, and more.

Find out how to customise your theme through this guide.

Publishing Your Website 

Publishing Your Website

Are you ready to put your website out to the interweb? Do it with only a few clicks.

Click the Preview button to view your changes. Then, click on the different device icons below your Website Builder editor. You’d see what your website will look like on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

When you’re finally ready to hit the web, click Publish

It’ll take a few minutes for your changes to go live, but once that’s done, you may relish the sweet victory of building a website on your own. See how easy that was?

Ready to Start Building a Website?

Building a website shouldn’t be hard anymore in 2020. With a website builder, you now have a way to take your business online that takes little time, effort, and budget.