Live across Australia is the brand new creative campaign from Crazy Domains “Crazy Easy for the Crazy Busy”. Highlighting just how easy and affordable it is to get your business online.

Crazy Domains has teamed up with the internationally loved actor and comedian Rhys Darby. The Kiwi-born, flame-haired LA-resident starred as band manager Murray Hewitt in the award-winning sitcom Flight of the Conchords, as well as many films — including as a werewolf (not a swear-wolf) in the recent comedy What We Do in the Shadows, and in Yes Man with Jim Carrey.

Together, with the talented Mr Darby and director Taika Waititi, Crazy Domains is bringing you some fresh and funny new advertising, currently turning heads all around Australia.

Rhys’ crazy busy memorable new characters include a passionate taxidermist with an odd approach to his work, the professional masseuse and hand-model Greta, and Kev – a man of all trades in a small town, juggling three businesses at the same time. If you’re in Australia, you can follow the links to visit each character’s website, and find out more about how Crazy Domains helped these “crazy busy” individuals get their businesses online.

Packages Great And Small

Coming Soon: New Tutorials

In addition to new help contents on our redesigned website, we have some brand new video tutorials coming your way very soon. Taking up his characters from our popular ads, Rhys will appearing in step-by-step video guides that are as entertaining as they are practical and educational. Keep an eye on our social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter, to catch them when they are released.

Not Just for TV

Crazy Easy for the Crazy Busy isn’t just for Australia’s TV audiences, either. Listeners of commercial radio in Perth will be able to recognise Rhys’ sultry tones in a selection of specially-produced ads, and in major cities across this lucky country you will see our Crazy Busy characters gracing billboards, bus shelters and tram stops. Don’t forget to share your pics if you see any of them and tag them with #crazybusy.