What comes first, the domain name or your brand name?

For many entrepreneurs, this is a tricky question. But in reality, it really depends on your current business situation. If you’re planning to establish a business online, it’s best to secure a domain name first to keep its rights under your website.  

But if you already have a physical office and plan to go online, you need to find a domain that mixes well with your brand name.  

Afterall, your brand name represents the core voice of your business.  It defines who you are and what you can offer customers. That’s why finding the perfect name for your business is a personal and thoughtful decision.  

But that comes crashing down when the domain name you want isn’t available. Here is where .inc domains comes in. 

What is a .inc domain? 

.inc is a premium domain extension for brands that want to be taken seriously. The domain is popular due to its simplicity, flexibility, and authoritative projection. 

And the best part? 

It can work for any business!  

So whether you’re a startup just launching your website, a growing business or an established enterprise, a .inc domain can work for you! 

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Benefits of securing a .inc domain 

In this blog, we’ll be discussing how securing a .inc domain benefits your business website. 

Get found faster 

The name your business is registered as may not be the same as what your customers are typing on search engines every day — especially if it’s lengthy.  

To improve searchability, match your domain name to a common phrase/or abbreviation you think they use. This will help them find your website faster, even when there’s a slight typo. Businesses like The Experience Exchange upgraded to the short and powerful tex.inc 

It’s easier to remember 

When it comes to choosing a domain name, get one that shortens your URL. 

Having a short domain name not only allows your brand name to shine but also make it more memorable. And since they take up less room, short domain names are easier to read, catchier, and more brandable!  

Just look at what Grow Inc did. They secured the exact match to their brand name with grow.inc.   

So better get the domain name you want without the added clutter. 

Displays authority 

Whether it was from a billboard or an online ad, it’s safe to say we’ve come across the word “inc” at some point in our lives.  

“Inc” is short for incorporated and is internationally recognized as a professional abbreviation for businesses.  

In short, if you’re looking to establish credibility and trust with users fast— this is the ideal domain name.  

Investing in a .inc domain also gives you a competitive edge over competitors. In fact, as your business grows, combining your corporate content or investor relations page with a .inc domain conveys professionalism.  

 For example, Docebo launched their investor relations page on docebo.inc when their company expanded. 

Register to a .inc domain today 

The bottom line is that registering to a.inc domain allows you to demonstrate one simple thing — that you mean serious business. 

From everything we’ve discussed, it’s clear that the .inc domain provides brands with a winning and trustworthy image online. No matter your industry or location, if you are a business that wants to have a professional web address, the .inc extension is for you. Secure your .inc domain now and join millions of successful startups and Fortune 500 enterprises from around the world.