London has something new for everyone proud of their city: a unique web address for Londoners.

.LONDON: a domain name that links the thousands of businesses and millions of people living and working there, with their city. A sprawling city dating back over two thousand years, London has been a major settlement since Roman times.

Did you know that evidence suggests people have been living on the banks of the Thames at least since they were first identifiable as humans? Some say it’s been even longer, which starts to make sense if you’ve ever taken a night bus in London.

One of the leading global cities, London is famous for finance, fashion, art, organised crime, tourism and pigeons. London is also known for its transport system that is the envy of the world, unless you have ever had to travel anywhere in London when there is a transport strike (which is about once a month).

London boasts numerous World Heritage Sites, including the Tower of London (where King Henry VIII executed several of his wives), and the historic settlement of Greenwich, where time was first invented at the Royal Observatory.

London is loved and loathed in equal measure by its 13 million inhabitants, and now everyone can get their .LONDON domain with Crazy Domains. Get yours here!