For most marketers, the holiday season is their last chance to end the year with a bang — that is, by driving as many sales and boosting customer loyalty.

And with studies showing 80% of shoppers purchasing products from their phones, small businesses should set their eyes on creating or optimising their online presence.

To give you an idea of how to win with your holiday marketing campaign, check out these three tried-and-true tips.

3 Secrets to an Effective Holiday Marketing Campaign

Leave a festive customer experience

What better way to boost customer experience this season than to remind customers how much they mean to your business? Here are some ways to show them you care:

Personalised cards

Personalised cards

Show your appreciation by sending out personalised cards or emails. Address them by their name and mention the reasons you’re thankful for their loyalty. This gives off a personal approach–something that successful brands practise to create a connection with their audience.

Contests and freebies

You can also launch a holiday contest to generate brand hype. And if you want some ideas, we’ve listed several online games and challenges for you to host:

  • Online quiz bowls
  • Selfie challenge
  • Sticker collection
  • Comment and win contest
  • Photo caption contest
  • Refer a friend
  • Gift unboxing video
  • Share your story with us contest

Make sure your activities are also worth participating. Get more people to join by having prizes that are hard to resist, from useful corporate merch to massive product discounts.

Get into the holiday sale spirit

‘Tis the season of giving! Customers expect many sale events across online retailers and brick-and-mortar shops during the holidays—don’t disappoint them.

With that, it’s essential to know the biggest sale dates to help you plan ahead of your competitors.

Black Friday

Black Friday

As one of the biggest sale days of the year, Black Friday is an unmissable opportunity for small businesses. Start gaining consumer attention early by teasing exclusive deals and discounts a week before Black Friday.

Here’s a pro-tip: Create a sense of urgency by limiting supplies. Choose products that are in high demand and give your customers a deal they can’t refuse.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is for online shoppers who can’t get enough of holiday deals. Be sure to take advantage of the hype by offering more deals or tying up the shopping weekend with rewards or coupons from the Black Friday aftermath.

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a day dedicated to small businesses. It also reminds us how customers play a role in keeping our businesses afloat. Show your gratitude by giving them piping hot deals and promos.

Let customers know they can celebrate Small Business Saturday by visiting both your online and offline store. Boost your audience reach by running effective social media campaigns, announcing special product discounts, and sending out emails.

Get more word out

Get found everywhere

A Google study shows that 66% of consumers prefer purchasing products online during the holidays. With that, let them find your business fast by listing it on popular online directories.

Aside from giving your brand more online visibility, some of these platforms also allow you to post your holiday offers and campaigns.

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Partner with people and organisations

Partner with people and organisations

If you don’t have the time to list your business, get help from local publications or influencers. Bloggers, online magazines, and media organisations can help feature your brand in their respective channels.

Decorate your website

Redesigning your website is also a smart way to inform customers you’re running a holiday campaign.

If you’ve built your online store with a website builder, you can easily change its current themes and templates into festive ones in minutes.

If you don’t have a website yet, you’ll have no problem putting one up in no time with this user-friendly, drag-and-drop online platform.

Ecommerce Builder

Give back

Give back

Giving gifts during Christmas shouldn’t be limited to loved ones and customers. A great way to show you care is by giving back to the community. Donate whatever you can to a local charity or a non-profit organisation. You could also encourage customers to support your chosen cause or hold donation drives to raise more funds.

Start holiday planning now

Assess your budget, skills, and resources and see which strategies and tips will work for your small business. Start your holiday campaign prepared and ready to reap the best results!

If you want to learn more tips on how to market your brand online, visit this page.