Emails offer tremendous opportunities for businesses. Email marketing brings an average return on investment (ROI) of $36 for every dollar spent.

About 99% of email users check their inbox every day. But with the rising numbers of spam emails, phishing, and other threats, people increasingly prefer branded emails for security purposes. 

This is why more business owners use professional email hosting to communicate with their customers. Instead of generic “[email protected]”, businesses can have a personalised “[email protected]” using their registered domain names!

Crazy Domains, in partnership with Titan, offers branded emails to increase trust, authenticity, and credibility ‒ helping organisations stand out in a user’s inbox. 

But what makes good email hosting? Read on to find out what to look for in a reliable email hosting platform. 

What Makes Titan a Good Choice for Email Hosting? 

Several email hosting providers are out there, but only a few deliver results and revenues. Titan, a trusted email hosting provider, combines experience, research, customer-centricity, and robust security into one cohesive platform. 

Here’s how Titan simplifies communication with your customers: 

Enterprise-Grade Security 

Minimise the risks of spams, phishing, malware, and other threats. Protect your and your customers’ sensitive data with cutting-edge security infrastructure. 

  • Anti-Spam: Keep your inbox free of unwanted spam mails. 
  • Anti-Virus: Get rid of mail viruses that could compromise your data and business. 
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Ensure only authorised account owners can access your business emails. 

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Email Templates 

Tired of typing the same email over and over again? 

With Titan’s email templates, say goodbye to repetitive tasks. Craft personalised templates for various scenarios, saving you time and ensuring your mails are always on the go! 

Mail Scheduling 

Sometimes, timing is everything. 

You may need to send out newsletters or follow up with clients. Titan’s mail scheduling feature allows you to choose the perfect time for your emails to be delivered — maximising their impact. 

Follow Up Reminder 

Ever find yourself forgetting to follow up on important emails? Not anymore. Titan’s follow-up reminder feature ensures that no email slips through the cracks. Stay on top of your correspondence effortlessly in a few clicks! 

Stylistic Email Signature 

Your email signature is often the final impression you leave on recipients. With Titan, leave a lasting impact on your contacts. Create stylish and professional email signatures that reflect your brand identity. 

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Unmatched Uptime and Email Delivery Rate 

Reliability is key when it comes to email hosting. You can rest assured knowing that your emails will reach their intended recipients promptly — thanks to Titan’s unparalleled uptime and delivery rate.! 

Synchronised Calendar, Contacts, and More Tools 

Seamless integration is essential for a smooth workflow. Titan synchronizes your calendar, contacts, and other tools across all platforms, including Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail. Now you’re always in sync, no matter which device or platform you’re using! 

Get a branded email and make business communication a breeze! 

Titan’s email hosting solution, now on Crazy Domains, is designed to enhance your communication experience. From email templates and scheduling to follow-up reminders and synchronized tools, Titan empowers businesses to communicate effectively and efficiently. 

Say hello to a new era of email hosting with Titan – where reliability, convenience, and innovation meet to elevate your communication to new heights. Get Email Hosting powered by Titan now!