Two’s a company, and three’s a crowd.

And what is the digital space? A cut-throat party!

The competition amidst online businesses is heating up. It is now up to the entrepreneur’s creativity to differentiate their SMB from all the noise. While your products and services will undoubtedly be your unique selling proposition, the website design and user experience make a world of difference.

So, before you ink the creative brief, here are a few websites designs that you must check out.

15 Web Design Inspos for Your Own Business Website

Tour Dust

Tourism & Hospitality - Tour Dust


Tour Dust offers adventurous and luxurious family holidays, as evident from its website. The use of high-definition images adds credibility to their claim. All the visual and interactive elements on the website are bound to convert visitors!

Brass and Lantern Inn

Brass and Lantern Inn


This Nantucket-based B&B makes it easier for site visitors to check out the various suites, their pricing, and availability. The map integration makes it more convenient for tourists to explore the locality and its surrounding areas in the comforts of their desktops before they book their suites!

Lake Cracken Back

Lake Cracken Back


The homepage of Lake Cracken Back Resort and Spa starts with a stunning video on loop with a plain message–Explore. The minimalistic design draws focus to the message, which acts as a compelling CTA.

Jamie Oliver

Food & Beverage - Jamie Oliver_


Jamie Oliver’s website cuts right to the chase with its titillating Insta-worthy food photos. The recipes are displayed in the classic grid format, which makes it easy to navigate the website.

Plus, tags like “vegan”, “gluten-free”, and “vegetarian,” allow users to sort through dishes based on their dietary preferences, making the website more user-friendly.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell_


Taco Bell sports a minimalistic design to make its food the hero of the website. The Explore Menu button redirects the user to an interactive menu where users can build a cart, customise, pay, and manage their order.

Dan Murphy’s

Dan Murphy's_


Dan Murphy’s website conveys more in less, offering an array of categories for visitors to choose their drink. It makes it easier for the guest to traverse the website and enjoy a seamless flow until the checkout!

Morgan Stanley


Morgan Stanley is a trusted name and well-known for its financial advice.

Why? As shown in their website, the company aims to educate the visitor rather than aggressively pushing for sales. This value proposition presents Morgan Stanley as a domain expert and an industry leader.

Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank_


Banks are meant to keep your assets safe, right? What if your bank’s website can effectively display how serious it is about your safety? You’re sold!

The Triodos Bank website taps into the user’s need for safety, reeling them in with its impactful web design. Every element, right from the moment you enter the website, will leave you in awe of the genius behind the creation!


Consultancy - Haus_


You may have figured by now that the visual elements on your website play a crucial and decisive role in reeling visitors in. The Haus website takes it to another level with an interactive kaleidoscope that follows your cursor.

When you navigate through the website, the neat typography and succinct text against the plain background delivers more value than all the clutter.

Robby Leonardi

Robby Leonardi_


Freelancer Robby Leonardi knows how to sell himself.

A quick glance through the website acts as a testament to his design, illustration, and animation skills. The homepage redirects users to the interactive resume, which takes you on a journey through Robbi’s achievements.

One must admit, stating that there isn’t a single dull moment through the website is an understatement!


Retail - Skullcandy


On the surface, Skullcandy’s website design may appear simple. In reality, it is anything but simple!

It uses shocking, bold colours to add life to the website. Visitors get the right amount of colour, text, and image balance.




The homepage plays the legacy video narrating the story of how Boardcave crafts its signature surfboards. Against the backdrop of this website, users can manipulate the interactive levers to find the perfect surfboard.

Could anybody who is keen on purchasing a surfboard, pass up on this ripe opportunity?




Even if you don’t know what Scentos is, the website will keep you hooked long enough to give you an introduction.

It makes use of vibrant colours, childhood nostalgia, cartoon figures, and interactive elements until you feel compelled to check out their wares!

Skinny Me Tea

Health & Fitness - Skinny Me Tea_


The website implements the tried and tested formula–showing your product in action.

The SMT detox tea promises weight loss and has enough social proof to support it. How can anyone go wrong with that?




The banner for Equinox connects to fitness enthusiasts at an emotional level, which helps build an instant connection. When one scrolls through the many high-quality images of people in action, it’s bound to make people feel, “Oh yeah, I need to get fitter.”

If you ask us, we say mission accomplished.

Start your creative brief

Draw inspiration from these website design ideas and start writing your creative brief. Amp it up with your brand voice and personality to make it truly yours.

If it all seems like too much, consider outsourcing your website design to professionals to nail the perfect look!

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